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  1. Adding my time. Single stack .45 hands relaxed 3 from one side of barricade, reload 3 from the other side at 12 yards. 1.7 draw clean in 6.49.....the draw time sucks and the splits are right around .5, those need some work as well. 3gunr
  2. Are the scoring rules the same as last year....2 A hits for Tac ops and open, and 1 A hit for Heay metal??
  3. I bought a used Edge a few years ago. A standard gun from STI that had been sent off to be hard chromed by Virgil Tripp. Came with 4 tuned dawson magazines, for $1500. Only issue was the extractor "clocked" in the slide. Put in an Aftec and its been fine since. The trigger is nothing to brag about, but for now I dont feel the need to upgrade the trigger. Mine as most I know of have more than enough accuracy for this sport. 3gunr
  4. Wanted to add a BIG THANK YOU to all the AMU, all the RO's, Linda and Sandra. I thought the scoring system worked out well and couldn't believe how fast the finals were completed. Squad 15 was a pleasure to shoot with. A lot of thought had to go into these stages- I shot Heavy Metal and only had to do one standing, make that perched on a roof, RELOAD. Although I had read the citations it was a nice touch to have them read before each stage!! As for three days or starting the shooting earlier, I have a thought. Why not have the match in the late summer when the days are much longer. I assume the AMU has it the same time each year for a reason though, either training or their match schedule may not allow any other time period. Ive been fortunate to be able to shoot this match every year so far, and Hamp has his hands full to top this match. However it wont surprise me if next year is even better. Maybe we can run through the trench with the AK47?? Also really appreciated the comments before the awards!! Congrats to all the winners and especially Kelley Neal, looks like the switch from heavy metal didn't hurt your game at all. Craig Auman
  5. Stefan isn't kidding the guy that slugged a popper was on my squad. After calling in Cramblit for a decision the shooter was DQ'ed from the match. 3Gunr
  6. Just wondering where the big dogs were gonna play this year? I guess Taran Butler will be shooting Tac-Ops barring another equipment snafu. How about it kelley N. you got a new DSA for heavy metal? Will Kurt Miller be in that group or will he be testing his metal against Robby Johnson and Bruce Piatt in Tac-irons? Tate Moots did well in Heavy Metal last year, is he looking for a repeat or gonna punish those in another division?? Also on the match rules....if a Heavy Metal shooter has 1 A hit and 1 C hit is he in fact 1/2 second down on time or does the 2 hits on paper rule go in effect. The rules could be interpreted either way.Im on the fence myself Heavy Metal again this year.....or tac ops. If Heavy Metal is gonna be way small I'll just join the crowd in tac-ops so I can shoot in a bigger pool with more fish, including most of my match buddies. 3gunr
  7. Another vote for the M1A. Tried the DSA's and they just dont fit me?? I dont like a pistol grip, thats why my 2 AR's stay in the safe on match day. Mines a standard rack grade Springfield Armory. I put on a USGI fiberglass stock and a rubber recoil pad like the one that the scout/squad rifle comes with. Added a national match front sight post, springfield's muzzle brake and a V-tac sling. A friend had an Armalite AR10 with a stainless barrel and their match trigger....it was problematic and he now shoots a 16" DSA whenever the heavy metal bug bites him. DSA rifles can take 30 round mags for matches with no mag capacity limit. CMI makes 25 round M1A mags that have worked well for me in practice so far...you can find them at 44mag.com Like Kurt said low sight to bore ratio and hoser stages just look over the sights at the target and watch those .308 holes appear. Good luck with your quest we need more people to shoot real battlerifles and heavy metal. 3gunr
  8. What are the rules for heavy metal equipment. .308 or larger w/iron sights 20 round mag? 12 guage pump shotgun with 8 in the tube, no ports or optics? 8 in the mag .45 pistol....10mm OK?? 3gunr
  9. 3gunr

    Home Stippling

    I did my 23 recently. Practiced with a soldering iron on an old kydex holster first. Dremeled off the checkering on the rear hump and undercut the trigger guard in about 5 minutes and spent about 1 1/2 hours stippling the grip. Turned out nice, better fit to my hand and much more "grippy". 3gunr
  10. Here's another twist. Dennis Heath has been holding the NC RECON match for 12 or 13 years now, and he is .308 nuetral/friendly? All paper must have 2 .223 hits or one .308 hit in the A,B, or C zone. A hit in the D zone is a miss on paper and scored as such. He also uses reduced sized targets where any 2 minor hits will do, and again one major hit with rifle. All steel requires one hit regardless of rifle caliber. All time based,misses are 10 seconds added. This allows a .308 to compete, really helps a 20 round .308 to compete with a 40+ round AR15 in .223. Again stage design is key. Its all heads up as far as equipment 12 guage any type no mag restrictions but no ports or optics or speed loaders. Pistols no ports or optics any lenght mag...no race holsters. Rifle irons or one optic, no mag restrictions. Here again the stage may call for limited rounds loaded to start or call for a mandatory reload. A good format and a great match, a real shooting competition rather than an equipment race or "gaming" festival. What say you all? 3gunr
  11. Whats the plan for heavy metal shotgun shells. Just shoot full power slugs and any old birdshot? Or does the birdshot need to be a "heavy" shell also as in 3 drams and 1 1/8 ounce of shot? 3gunr
  12. Order a "trigger in a bag" from Brazos custom. You get everything you need except a disconnecter. Have on myself and a friend has one also. Both are right at 2 lbs. All the angles have been cut an polished. HARD to beat for $150 and you dont have to pay big bucks to ship off your blaster. 3gunr
  13. After a good time last year, besides the RAIN. Have 4 returning shooters from SC. This year we are all shooting .308 rifles. What kind of shotgun shells are you shooters gonna carry? 3gunr
  14. My shooting buddy bought a 9mm S&W M&P for 3-gunning. He also had problems with the extractor pulling off of the fired case and leaving it in the chamber......which is a costly jam to clear while the clock is running. S&W did pay shipping both ways for warranty work TWICE. 1st time they replaced the extractor, 2nd time they replaced the barrel all free of charge. After that, it still did it on occasion..as in at match, so he finally sold it. Maybe he had a LEMON, I like they way they are set up, but I think there are some gremlins to be aware of. 3gunr
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