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  1. LOL he obviously wasn't being serious
  2. Not even close a world record. People have shot groups at 200 yards free-hand (one handed) with fixed iron sights that have been less than the size of the A zone on a USPSA target.
  3. I also found them here - http://www.tacticallife.net/Skeletonized-Billet-Aluminum-AR-15-Grip-Blue-Cerakote-_p_386.html
  4. Would someone be able to PM me the best way to get a hold of Rick? I may pick one of these up.
  5. First thing, I think that without the resources and tips listed here I would have gone insane because none of the youtube videos are very good and it definitely took quite a bit of tinkering. Very easy to get it to only flip a few every 100, harder to get it almost perfect. After playing with the primer drop insert, the clear cover at the top of the ramp, the rheostat, and putting the RF-100 on a gun mat as opposed to directly on a wood bench, I have it working reliably. I ran a couple thousand primers through (well 100 primers a lot of times) after finding a reliable setting and o
  6. Because they are manufacturing it. It is just like mil-spec AR-15 lowers. The same could be said for the vast majority of 2011 items that are built to a certain spec. It is a pattern. NFA just happens to be one of the most common in the AR-9 pattern. I don't think it is wrong for them to call it their lower, they are manufacturing it in house.
  7. Honestly, I would just get the Bergara. There is no point in spending more $$$ on a set up to start IMO. If you really get into precision you will end up with a custom build eventually. I started with a savage BA10 stealth in 6.5 creedmoor that I picked up for $825 new over last winter. I ended up with a really accurate rifle. I found out I don't really like precision that much and only lost $50 when I sold the rifle locally. I would get the Bergara and get your feet wet. Especially if you are going to start reloading 6.5 creedmoor. That's another very involved and costly process.
  8. I haven't seen pics of the CK rifles (not shooting an AR9 platform anymore). An NFA lower wouldnt have been a bad thing. ***on a side note could be cut in house using NFA cnc file. In any event I'm sure anything CK puts out will run and perform well. I was very happy with my CK pistols**
  9. Well technically its not a "NFA branded lower" but it may be made by them
  10. NFA makes lowers for like 10 companies. Nothing new
  11. I would look at the Vortex AMG UH-1. I'm loving mine. Its a better Eotech.
  12. Yeah, I would focus on stock on belt starts. They are slower than low ready and they are also how 100% of the classifiers where you would do something like a bill drill start. Every stage at area 3 was stock on belt or table start for PCC. ***On a side note, .14-.15 splits are just fine. The difference between .11 and .15 over a course of fire is lost in one bad transition. I would work on transition drills as much as possible with PCC, the flat trigger speed is not where you are going to cut time*** Also, its been a few months since I ran a bill drill. I am curious to
  13. Yeah, it definitely takes a bit to get used to. Depending on your local stage designers, you may have some unique challenges. We always have a few stages set up around "lets make this part really hard for PCC" like weak side leans around close barriers, close ports with narrow shooting boxes, and shots that are impossible to make strong shouldered. It is a blast though
  14. If I remember correctly I shot a 1.75 in the bill drill portion of the "roscoe rattle" classifier (9 yds all A's) from belt. But I wussed out on splits and was probably shooting .15 splits and took a bit longer on sight picture than needed. In practice I can get .11-.13 splits for sub 1.5's easily. I think the fastest I have done in practice so far was 1.35 at 7 yards - .75 "draw" from belt avg .12 splits (.11-.13 splits). ***Just checked the video - Roscoe Rattle "Bill drill portion" @ 9 yds with No shoots on the C zone boarders on either side was 1.70 all A's. The second portion
  15. Depending on your grip you may want to find a stock or stock type handguard (such as the Midwest industries) when/if you SBR it. The rail extends over the piston and with shorter handgaurds for 8" or under barrels I have found the smaller diameter handguards impossible to use due to the drop off.
  16. I have heard that they will not run 100% and it is best to keep gen 2 mags to gen 2 guns and gen 1 to gen 1. The best part of the MPX is the insanely reliable magazines. You don't really need that many. I would just bite the bullet and get gen 2's.
  17. Some people like the feel of a heavier gun. It doesn't mean that they shoot faster with it
  18. You can get both for the same $$$ i.e. gunbroker. My guess as to why major internet retailers have them listed for cheaper is that they haven't sold as many of the grey ones.
  19. They probably got a deal on them from CZ. My guess is they aren't selling as many as they thought they would in that color. You can actually find them in black for less than that on gunbroker if you are patient.
  20. MHitchcock

    CJ Maven Review

    As Rowdy posted, CJ was looking for work. Had him install a Cajun kit on my Shadow 2. Response time was phenomenal. Answered questions promptly. My shadow 2 was with him for only a week. Trigger is fantastic. Everyone who has a played with it so far agrees. I haven't had a chance to borrow my buddies trigger pull gauge, but CJ said it was 5 7/8lb DA/2lb single. My finger believes it. Would highly recommend him for any CZ work. Very fast turn around time and great customer service.
  21. MPX 133 PF at area 3 1.140 124gr PD JHP 3.9 titegroup exact same load at 1.095 to fit my Shadow 2s short chamber makes 132PF out of the Shadow. So I just adjust my Redding micrometer seating die to switch between production and PCC loads.
  22. Shot this today. Thought I tanked it pretty bad compared to the bill drills I've run in practice and the bad reload. PCC - 6.3 seconds, 82 points (4 C's), 13.015 HF.
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