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  1. Dillon user here, so i can't help with a true solution to the problem, but an easy quality control check device: http://www.uniquetek.com/product/T1572 Won one at a raffle last year and thought "great...what a piece of junk..." now i can't imagine not having it.
  2. possibly...I have not tested 13# w/ CCI. Test it out. If you can't test it, then run factory main spring until you start reloading...then you can tailor your primer/spring combo to what yields best ignition and trigger feel for you.
  3. Since not everyone is familiar with the multiple functions of the mighty caliper: https://littlemachineshop.com/images/gallery/Instructions/UsingCalipers.pdf
  4. How deep have you been seating them?
  5. You have to be extremely aware of every action & result when experimenting: what happens if i squeeze a little harder with my weak hand? What happens if the butt of the grip is slightly skewed to the right in my strong hand? What happens if i tense up my arms? etc... Have you taken video of your self and reviewed it? And have the correct pass/fail criteria for success. Are you shooting as fast as you can and looking at group size? Or shooting controlled and tracking the sight up and down? This test and analyze process is not easy. Do you have access to professional training? If you're serious about fixing it, having someone with the desired skill observe and critique you can save lots of time.
  6. Have you checked that you're firing pin is not worn? Earlier this year i noticed my failure rate with Win primers was going up, replaced my firing pin and the failure rate went back down to nearly 0. Bottom pin had about 20k through it. Replaced it with a new pin (Top) There was only .004 difference in OAL...
  7. I run the same set-up, but reload my own ammo. CCI primers would not ignite about 20% of the time. I use Winchester primers with no issue... only a handful of failures in 50k+ rounds
  8. This. ^ Doesn't really matter what drills you shoot, pay attention and learn something to make the session productive.
  9. That statement is a stretch IMO... the right machine, tooling, process, operator, & PM schedule can hold insanely tight tolerances... but is probably cost prohibitive for gun building.
  10. Slow down if the goal is learning/perfecting technique. Speed up if the goal is getting faster...and speed up past your comfort zone.
  11. my two cents... If you want to be competitive in USPSA limited, go major, period If you just want to have fun in USPSA and have a gun that will work for other games like 3 gun and Steel Challenge, go minor and save some $.
  12. uewpew


    Never ran it. looks like blake drill with more pew pew
  13. If you're want your course construction to be 100% compliant, then ask NROI...not the forum. I gave you my opinion, which is painted/wooden fault lines are the standard for USPSA. As for the astro and retractable...go for it. You could host the next 5 years of nationals...but seriously...if it's level 1 just do what your club can afford and your competitors/customers will accept.
  14. Don't you point a shotgun instead of aim it... either way this was good enough for Tom Knapp to put his name on it: Champion EasyHit Shotgun Sight
  15. Are you saying to become a better shoot reps>gear...? heresy!
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