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  1. Hello all! I've got a Bergara LRP in 6.5CM on the way and I'll be putting a Vortex Razor HD Gen II 3-18x50 with 34mm tube on it. I'm curious if anyone has this setup and could recommend a ring height. Or, if anyone has the LRP in 6.5CM, could you measure the distance from the top of the rail to the barrel from a point 7in from the center of the rail? That would help me calculate the max allowable offset. Any advice for the rings would be appreciated! Rob
  2. Awesome! Thank you for such a prompt response!
  3. Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum... in fact, this is my first post! I'm just getting into USPSA so I spectated a local event in Lodi, WI at the Winnaquah Gun Club (Awesome club! Great people!). After speaking to some of the pros there, I ordered some double alpha race master mag pouches. They seem to be very high quality pouches and very popular. However, after looking through the 2014 edition of the regulations, I see that there is a section for production that limits the use of race equipment in the production league. --- I wanted to ask someone knowledgeable if the rule applies to the AA race master mag pouch for production use, or if the rule is more to prevent race type pistol holsters, and less for mag pouches. I honestly don't see how race mag pouches would make a difference compared to non-race mag pouches for production, but then again I am super new at this and have NO IDEA what i'm talking about! I've attached a photo of the section in the rulebook, but the quick version of my question is this: Can I use AA Race Master mag pouches in production? Thank you in advance!!!! Rob
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