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  1. I am a fan of the R3XL 6 MOA. I've tried an SRO 5 MOA and prefer the R3XL.
  2. Very new open shooter here. I don't know what's better or worse but from ~1500 rounds through the gun the most remarkable parts of using AA7 are small amounts of sludge in the crevices of the gun and powder sticking to the hopper/funnel and sprinkling all over my press. The gun doesn't feel too punchy and the dot is pretty trackable. That said, I'll probably switch to SWMP and rifle primers after I'm done with the current stock based on feedback. Atlas Chaos 9mm 124gr PD JHPs 10.2gr AA7 CCI SPP 1.17' OAL 177PF
  3. Dillon commented my thread with an update that they plan to ship RL1100s by Dec 16.
  4. Got in touch with Dillon this morning, the 1100 shares the same mounting footprint,
  5. I'm trying to be cheap and buy stuff for the 1100 I'm going to get whenever Dillon decides to finally ship them. Will the 1100 share the same mounting footprint as the 1050?
  6. Labradars work fine. I own a Chrony and CED and they also work fine.
  7. I prefer to use case lube. When you apply the lube to the case it affects every aspect of the reloading process not just resizing, regardless if you want it to or not.
  8. In short, yes. Published loads are not at the top end from a safety perspective, if you're concerned I would start under the published load and work up.
  9. Thanks, I had a similar concern but wasn’t sure if I was making a big deal out of nothing.
  10. So who's gonna fabricate an adapter and mount/stand for this thing so it can crap out primers directly into a press?
  11. Does it matter if you get lube (lanolin) inside of cases when reloading? I've been spraying a container then putting brass in but haven't experimented with the reverse.
  12. Left eye dominant, right handed here. What I did to solve it is - nothing. Shoot pistols to your dominant eye. Shoot long guns to your dominant dexterity.
  13. https://www.amazon.com/Yankee-Hill-Machine-Scope-Inches/dp/B00AEM2Y2G
  14. I'm running a 1/2" riser on my 510C
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