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  1. Depending on actual date I may be interested.
  2. Toss up between JP and MPX for me, if weight is an issue swap a CF tube on.
  3. I have around 700 rounds on this buffer now with a short function test and 2 USPSA matches. I'm going to have one more match and shake down practice before Area 4. It's definitely a more stiffer recoil impulse but I think the dot settles a predictably. I had one unintended bump fire but I'm not paying it much attention unless it happens more often.
  4. Right back pocket. George Jones, at the last NROI seminar I attended, advocated for not interacting with the shooter at all.
  5. I got a chance to test the DBRS, I'm a fan so far. I dropped a couple quarters in behind it because my brass piece didn't stick out very much and it seemed to be better. I'll get a chance to shake this out at USPSA twice this weekend and report back with more feedback. https://instagram.com/stories/khoi.shoots/2086436034224232099?igshid=1g10netz3z630
  6. @TRUBL I got the new buffer installed, bolt slug from the Extreme bolt removed and buffer detent removed, but I have a question before shaking it out this week. The brass part of the new buffer is peeking out past the front of the buffer extension area of the lower but turning the buffer tube another turn wouldn’t allow the upper to mount. Is this an issue? It looks like the rear of the bolt carrier and the front of the buffer would contact once shut but I have no way of visually confirming.
  7. Mine arrives Monday, can't wait to shake this down. I have the Extreme bolt, does anything need to be modified?
  8. I don't mind being called a fairweather shooter - I left DTC last month because of bad rains during the beginning of the day. I didn't make the drive down to Houston for A4 because of the ongoing and (then) predicted weather leading up to the cancellation. I shoot and train for entertainment so dealing with bagged targets, wet socks, and other rain related activities isn't fun to me so I don't do it. I wouldn't mind going back to a match if my schedule allows it.
  9. I carry a Glock 19/48 for social events, what I compete with isn't relevant to my defensive use guns.
  10. The content isn't tailored to any specific division. There's a lot in there it's worth at least subbing a month to see if you think it's useful. I'm not a fan of the forum style but that may just be me.
  11. Any updates from the guys with the new Taccom CF/braked barrel or T&N Cannibal users?
  12. Late to the party but it sounds like your trained index is incorrect for the Q5/RMR combination. Practice should help you overcome this if you're interested in overcoming it, some people don't have the patience or tolerance for it.
  13. It's worth repeating every time someone thinks building an Open Glock is remotely a good idea.
  14. I come to live-fire practice with specific goals in mind, I usually shoot from 3-500 rounds per practice.
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