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  1. My buddy loads Prima V 3.5-6 with 147 Xtreme and he thinks it's a hot powder. What's your experience with this, is it a hot powder like TG? I think it's a cool powder.
  2. DOODS


    Thanks for the pics, saw some of your video, reload seems smooth with the Henning
  3. Anybody use the New Henning basepad for their Tangfo? How does it compare to Shockbottle?
  4. B class shooter here, I want to know what dry fire routine youre doing that took you to M class! I also dont use a timer to hone in my skills but @ times I need to know if Im really pushing myself, will a timer helps?
  5. I totally like the approach you did not to go crazy on first pass. Now you can just focus on having fun shooting that S3.
  6. I just got this sear and i noticed its a little shorter on the safety bump. Memphis, is this the only way to fit the safety to the sear?
  7. Same here, like the powder a lot. 124 Xtreme RN-135pf- shoots clean and soft plus it's accurate and best of all cheap. Grafs have a deal 10 bottle free hazmat.
  8. Is it where the fiber exposed to the light? Not the ends, correct.
  9. How often do you change your recoil spring? I shoot 124/135pf-147/135pf.
  10. DOODS


    Anybody notice, no more back order for primer in Cabelas?
  11. What gun? I load some 3.7-3.8 @1.13 with Xtreme 124gr RN and it was soft and very accurate and clean.
  12. This does not meter well in my 650.. Read somewhere it took more than 20 throws. The powder has inconsistent size, I get fine granules in some throws and larger ones the next. Maybe I should agitate the powder hopper to settle them powder.
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