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  1. I agree 100%. And this is why you should always clean from the chamber to the muzzle when possible. Many of my rifles have bore guides to help prevent damage to the crown. I should probably try to make something for my revolvers. Using a bore snake for now. Would like to find an Allison Speed brush too.
  2. How did you do it?
  3. This is exactly what I want to do.
  4. Is it possible to have this barrel modified to use a DX style front sight? I would like to use nite sights at indoor matches and fiber optic outdoor. I know most ICORE is outdoors, but there is an indoor club match close to my house (Yorktown, VA). Probably gonna cut off the end of the barrel at the same time. I have noticed (and read) that the comp doesn't do much, if anything. I don't use it, since I shoot limited. But that area gets leaded-up. Not going to touch anything until after the ICORE east-coast regionals. Thanks to TK Custom, it runs like a champ.
  5. There is a huge thread on ar15.com about building your own wet tumbler. I didn't follow the thread, but built my own from an old tread mill. Built a cylinder out of 8" PVC @ 15" long. It's too big. Great for doing a lot (Like 3k+ 9mm cases), but the cylinder weighs over 100 pounds. Handling it is a pain. Also built my own dryer using a small forced air heater in the side of a 5 gal bucket. Then I suspended some wire mesh above the heater. I sort half my load and place it in the heater. By the time I sort the second half of the load, the first half is dry. So about 2:15 min to do mor
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