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  1. I received a new front sight from STI yesterday! I have yet to make time for the replacement, but with Double Tap Championship coming up, I'd better get a move on! I'll post what I find when I drift the old sight off and clean up the dovetail. Thanks all! Mike "baldpriest"
  2. Ah! Good info! I was hoping it was the sight itself and not the slide that folks peened... I talked with Ryan at STI and he is sending a new front sight out. I'll fit the new sight asap and post results. Thanks all!
  3. I just called STI and they agreed to send a new sight out. I'll fit it myself, and will seriously consider pinning if this one moves... It will be interesting to inspect the dovetail in the slide once the old sight is out... I'm curious to find the root-cause here... Thanks!
  4. That's just depressing... Aren't all of these Hand-fit? If I don't hear back from STI, I'll need to purchase a front sight from Dawson and just get to work on fitting... when you peen the dovetail, you're talking about peening the sight itself or the slide? I'll check on the rear sight screw as well. Thanks for the "heads up"!
  5. For the forseeable future, I don't think custom guns are in the realm of possibility for me... So the DVC is my go-to gun, and maybe an Edge for a backup in the future...
  6. Agreed... Hoping it's just a small sight... I got an email back from STI, and they requested I send my slide in... I have DoubleTap Championship coming up, as well as some local matches soon, so I asked if they'd send a sight and allow me to fit it. Hoping they go for that...
  7. I emailed STI late last night. Hoping for a response today. I've fit front sights on other pistols, so that option sounds good to me! Thanks!
  8. If they are backlogged, I'll be doing the same...
  9. What was the fix? Send it back to STI?
  10. Correct, the metal body sliding in the dovetail.
  11. Hi all! I recently got a brand new DVC Limited 40. I have around 700 rounds through it and found that my front sight moves freely 1/8" during the last stage of a Steel match Saturday. I have heard opinions of "loctite, due to not being able to drift it all the way off the slide by hand" and "replace with an oversize sight" I haven't drifted it off yet, but do have the brass punches to do so... I thought I'd throw a line out for opinions from the guys that have walked this path before me. Any help would be much appreciated! Mike "baldpriest"
  12. Dude! This NROI class is awesome! ... just wish we had air conditioning! Baha
  13. I'm doing the ROI class as well. Don't forget the match in May!
  14. Bummed about the rain cancellation! It hardly ever rains in Lubbock! Lol
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