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  1. If you get a chance, try CCI 400 standard rifle primers. I have used a lot of these since my original post and even in a tuned Glock (reduced striker spring rate), I'm finding close to 99% reliability.
  2. Breech face erosion? None evident on my pistols so far. However, I have fired less than a thousand rounds using small rifle primers, so will need to keep an eye open for this. Thanks for the comment.
  3. Rifle Primers in Pistol Loads --- Reliability The summer 2020 primer shortage came on fast. Small pistol primers seemed to disappear from store shelves at a time when I had only a few months’ supply sitting on my shelf. While small pistol primers were unavailable, several local stores still had plenty of small rifle primers and sometimes pretty cheap. A survey of the web indicated that small rifle primers could be a viable substitute for small pistol primers, so I gave them a try. All of the articles I found indicated no appreciable difference between small rifle and small pistol p
  4. What do you think of a CZ 2075 for competition in IDPA BUG division? The 2075 looks to be the biggest, heaviest gun that fits the BUG box. I really like the build quality of the CZ steel pistols, but I have had very little hands on experience with them and none at all with the 2075. Decocker or safety? What needs to be done to make a 2075 'race-ready'? (And yes, I realize that a 2075 is not a race gun.) Thanks for any insight/advice you might have.
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