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  1. Some good advice.... Do Not use TSA locks on your gun case. Gun case must be securely closed when locked. Sounds like a no brainer, but, some cases can be pried open at the end and a weapon removed; even with the case locked. Arrive very early for your flight at your initial departure point. A TSA agent will take you to a private screening area to see if your case meets TSA provisions. During transit, if TSA cuts your locks off for inspection, they will secure your case with TSA zip ties with an attached notice stating your case was opened for inspection. Excellent advice on NJ and NYC. FOPA protection does not exist. Take note of the Special Advisory regarding NJ and NYC at the link below. Here is the NRA's current opinion on travel with firearms by certain destinations.
  2. Yesterday I posted a Topic that was both insensitive to the 3 Gun community/sport and in particular to the BE forum members who enjoy the sport. I do not participate in many competitive events. I have carried all sorts of weapons in my work (not LEO) for over 30 years. I tend to be somewhat insensitive to those who enjoy nothing more than making holes in paper, and once again, I offer all those here an apology.
  3. Interestingly, any time I post something about a weapon or tactic as it relates to "real world" or combat applications, I often receive a follow-on post stating something to the effect "how does that apply or have anything to do with our game?" I usually let such comments slide as I perceive this to be a limiting vision that will preclude one from evolving into a better shooter. I categorically deny or refuse to accept the idea that there is nothing to learn from another discipline or form of shooting that will make you a better marksman. Click on the video on this embedded page to learn how the United State Marine Corps has embraced 3 Gun competition as a way to enhance a Marines combat effectiveness. Now for the kicker, when will 3 Gun evolve into a sport where your targets are shooting back at you (Simunition, and yes, they HURT), forcing you to evade, conceal and bring effective fire on a hostile target? I wonder what that will do to competitor times, hits and ultimately, overall score?
  4. Jesse... No worries, sorry for the confusion...I read an earlier post about GI triggers and it got my fingers going faster than my brain. Do you wear a Kydex holster? If so, Bill Rogers invented them way back about 1972. In 1985 Bill sold his invention/company (Rogers Holsters) to some company named...Safariland. Ever heard of em?
  5. Check out Bill's CV through the link. Bill was in the "know" long before '3 Gun' was even a thought. Sorry... the point I was trying to make, is that I totally disagree with sticking with a GI trigger. Yes, many commands written policy do not allow trigger swaps, but, top echelon units have abandoned the "GI" trigger (some time ago) for after market triggers. Today, the Giessele trigger is the desired unit trigger. After all, aren't you seeking an advantage under stress?
  6. Bill Giessele's triggers are installed in rifles used by JSOC Tier One guys who are on the absolute tip of the spear. I don't care what Pat says; too much marketing influence the past 10 years. Go have a talk with Bill Rogers.
  7. Glad to hear SA made it right! But quite frankly, if you want the absolute best trigger you will ever get in a M1A, call Ron Smith at Smith Enterprises. His guy Andy can turn tricks on a M1A/M14 trigger without resorting to TRICKS! I have a 18" Crazy Horse that weighs less than most M4s! Go figure!
  8. Step 1 --- Windex on a patch, 2 passes (new patch each pass) Step 2 --- Hoppes #9 on a patch, 2 passes (new patch each pass) Step 3 --- Patch wet with oil, 1 pass Step 4 --- Dry patch, 1 pass Been doin' this for 30+ years. If you shoot jacketed bullets in a quality barrel, this is about all you need. I don't ever see the need for a brush if shooting quality bullets in quality barrels.
  9. It can be easily blended (with proper tools and technique), however, your receiver and safety will need to be refinished.
  10. Easiest way is to bead blast, but, if you don't have access to a blast cabinet and media, you can try polishing with a Dremel and jeweler's rouge. Regardless of the technique, you will be removing metal at the location of the etching. It might be better to leave the etching.
  11. Steel... Check out the 550 Tips and Tricks for keeping spent primers off the floor (sometimes).
  12. Roadrider18

    226 mag springs

    I suggest you call Sig customer service Monday morning and discuss the problem with them. The P226R is widely used in LE and the Military. The only time I have encountered this problem on the military side is when the mags are left loaded for an extended period of time (>30 days) and the spring takes a 'set'. It should not happen with new magazines. I own 3 different models in the 226 family (all 9s); I have not had any issues you described.
  13. It would be better to get your type 7, then you are covered for both. Adam... I am fairly certain your statement IS NOT correct. I am a Type 07 holder. Note the following caveats for Type 07.... "Title 1 manufacturer of firearms, who can also act as dealer, other than Destructive Devices, ammunition and ammunition components other than Armor Piercing ammunition. Can also manufacture & deal in Title II NFA firearms with class 2 tax stamp. War, I urge you to contact the BATF Field Office for your area and pose the questions to them to ensure you head down the correct path.
  14. Thanks for the great info on NF!
  15. I believe this was the US Army Mil-Dot reticule (dots) in the NF. The Marine Corps uses a different dot in their Mi-Dot reticule.
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