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  1. Last week I called and spoke to Aaron over at Odin works about upgrading the steel on my 2 match rifles. After some discussion we settled on the 3 gun 18" for my primary, and a 16" ULTRAlite for my back up/Lite Weight rifle. The 18" was great and performed just as expected, but this review is specifically on the 16" ULTRAlite. After bolting this on my back up rifle the total complete rifle minus optics was 5lb 3 oz, with the ULTRAlite barrel only being 1lb 6 oz of that. The contour of this barrel left me skeptical of what I could expect on accuracy, but wow, the rifle felt SO light and fast. The next day I took it out to the range with 3 types of ammo to do a quick sight in and test. I had some cheap 55 FMJs, some good Hornady 55 FMJs, and some open tip match 75 Hornady. I started at 25 to get on paper with the cheap 55s. right off the bat it put 3 in the same hole to the left. I did some quick adjustments and put another 3 shot group once again in the same hole. I was blown away, granted it was only at 25. I then went out to 100 yards on paper. All 3 ammo types produced 5 shot groups right at the 1" mark. This was ground breaking seeing how the cheap 55s would only get 2" out of my old barrel!! Wanting to see how it would do at medium distance I shot it out to 300 on an 8" gong. Once again, All 3 ammo types made it boring for quick follow up shots and "slap after slap" on the steel. All I can say to wrap it up is that if your looking for ​a super light barrel for the short to medium range matches, look no further. This ULTRAlite is worth every penny !!!! ~ http://www.odinworks.com/223_Wylde_16_1_Carbine_p/b-223-16-ul-ml.htm ​
  2. running a deturek chest rig for IronMan, and have a 2.8 and a 2.Q on the belt. LOVE THEM!!! Emailed Kevin this morning and put 2 of the 12Qs on order as well. id imagine by the time in done ill have at least one of each model to test out and try. Also helps when i need to loan them to friends to try out. Only takes 1 time and then they end up calling in a order for themselves..... Kevin is THE MAN !!!
  3. i just went the same route Tom, after last years IRON MAN decided i needed a LR platform. ended up doing a 260 build. 24" lilja match barrel. i opted for no fluting since weight isnt an issue, ( the rifle is staged and never has to move) i went with a gemtech/amtac brake only because its the quick mount for my supressor. havent messed with a low mass bolt yet. did a coated Black Rain. trigger i went with a Geissele SDE, love the flat feel, and the 2 stage makes take up on the long shots super nice. topped it off with a vortex razor 5-20
  4. i started with 280, then 400, then 600, all wet black paper, and it worked great. maybe ill try the other grits on the next M3k tube
  5. how much was is? with/without chokes?
  6. thanks for the info. guy wanted 400, but it sounds like its still not worth the headache. ill stick with my 2 M3Ks
  7. TOM, i LIKE IT !!!! it really does help the shells stay in line better as well.
  8. anyone play with a 3500? just curious. i have 2 m3ks now, but have an opertunity to get a 3500 for somewhat cheap.. any benefits or downfalls to a 3500? wondering if i need a back up to my back up.. or a spare spare. lol
  9. same here. newer M3K and a nova tube threaded on without any tension or grinding. fits 100% perfectly.
  10. ok thanks tom i feel better now that i had 1 original idea in my life... Im still hung up on Jesses "1 toothed beaver" dremel reference...
  11. nice tom, NICE !!! apparently my idea wasnt original. In my defense, i hadnt seen that pic before cant wait for my MOA parts to come !!!! :D
  12. agreed. This was "phase 2" which consisted of lowering the non serial side. and then starting the "chute" idea. I'm going to widen the chute for sure, but I have ALREADY noticed a difference in how strait the 2 shells stay in line...
  13. Jesse, i need to pick your brain sometime about your quad loads. im getting that time down, but i cant break 8 sec for 12 shells. i feel like the shells either arnt staying in line or what. this little "chute" in the guard helped, but its still not JT 1 toothed beaver approved...
  14. i didnt take an EXACT measurement, but i went forward and left JUST enough for the follower to catch that "lip". All i gauged off or was Pat Kellys picture and i took the front edge to about the center of the E on STOEGER. It makes it very nice to not have to shove your finger up in the tube for the shell to catch.
  15. So i went back to the mill last night and played around a little more. Lowered the NON serial numbered side. Then i put a channel in the trigger guard. Not sure if anyone else was having the same problem but especially with quads, i noticed shell 2 was always hanging up on the rim of the shell 1. this allowed the pair to stay in line better and not kink when pressed against the gun.
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