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  1. Hello All, Does anyone have a minor recipe for 135 gr. Berry’s HBFP and Titegroup? This is for a Shadow 2 shooting Production. I run an OAL of 1.10, with Winchester SPP in assorted brass. Looking for about 128 to 130 PF. Thank you, Redlands
  2. As I understand it, and someone step in if I am mistaken, Federal Match primers are suggested when using the 11.5 hammer spring. It is pretty remarkable that you got consistent strikes for 4500 rounds using factory ammo! Was it Federal match ammo?
  3. Sounds similar to what Lanny Basham describes as occupying the conscious mind (being pissed off, a mindless pre- shoot routine, etc.) and letting the sub-conscious mind take over shooting the stage. Being pissed doesn’t work for me, but you may be on to something that works for you.
  4. Compete with a Shadow 2 in Production and Springfield 1911 in SS. EDC is a 9 mm Springfield XD sub compact, nightstand gun is a G22. My thought process on the EDC and nightstand gun is to make it a simple, striker fired platform, nothing complicated for life and death situations.
  5. Practice takes dedication and sacrifice, upgrading a part typically takes little of neither. It is human nature to take the the easy (perceived anyways) route, in this case purchase a part to make me a better shooter. Once the reliable/good gun quotient is achieved, the ROI for the latest gadget is nil. The ROI on practice will always be there.
  6. I consistently shoot 1-2 matches per week and dry fire for about 30 min. at least 5 times per week. But, life happens and I find that I will periodically go up to 2 - 3 weeks without a match or dry fire practice. Ironically, this time off is not detrimental and I actually see a performance gain.
  7. I plan to switch to Limited next year for a change of pace. I have been shooting production for about 4 years. Last year I switched to Single Stack (major) in December for local matches and to train for the Western States Single Stack Championships in February. Switching back to production after 3 months of Single Stack gave me a whole new appreciation for shooting minor with 2 more rounds. Had to be be careful not to think of the two additional rounds as “extra” and employ the philosophy of every stage needs to be the majority A’s with minor scoring. I believe the experience in Single St
  8. Just got the results back after about two months of the changes I implemented and my blood level is down to 22. I think this is a pretty good improvement for just a couple of months. I am confident now that if I stay on course the levels will continue to drop.
  9. Update, I received the MBF, set it up, then loaded 200 rounds. Spent the first several rounds working out some fine adjustments then just started loading. The MBF works great and the concentricity issue is solved.
  10. As mentioned here earlier by someone, too much flare can be the enemy of concentricity, and so can too little. I have maxed out what the PTX can provide and the Hornady collets in the bullet drop system are prone to fatiguing and breaking frequently when too much flare is used. Prior to using the PTX I primed and flared my brass first, then ran them through the press a second time. I experimented with different amounts of flare, nothing crazy, and found the Hornady collets crack when introducing any more flare than what the PTX can provide. So, since I am going to try the Mr. Bullet Feeder
  11. What I am trying to achieve is a little more flare so that the bullet might seat more uniformly. I am experiencing about 5% to 8% case gauge failure, I think this is too high. Assuming the brass was properly prepped/sized, it seems to me the most obvious causes of a bullet not seating uniformly (concentricity) is that the bullet is not sitting perfectly upright (and a little deeper into the brass) prior to entering the seating die. Below in the top photo is a bullet that failed case gauge, the second photo is the reason the bullet failed, a slight bulge at the bottom of the seated bullet, t
  12. A few have suggested that the Limiter will provide more flare, as I mentioned earlier in the thread, I found another way to adjust for what I believe is the maximum flare without the use of the Limiter. Here are some pictures showing the results I am getting with the PTX (without the limiter) and the measurements to confirm that I am getting the maximum amount of flare as possible. The photo on the left shows the maximum flare on the PTX at .367, the middle photo shows the OD measurement of a flared 9mm brass at .389, the photo on the right shows the brass wall width at .011. If you multipl
  13. Glad to hear that the extra precautions you are taking are effectively lowering your lead levels. I am pretty much taking the same precautions, which are really pretty easy (#Ishouldhavebeendoingthisallalong), and hoping for a similar result.
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