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  1. New springs ordered, will tune feed lips and report back.
  2. Mec Gar magazines, stock springs, a year old with about 8K rounds rotated through 8 magazines.
  3. Update 3/29/19. Loaded some 124gr PD JHP at 1.10 OAL and 3.9 gr of Titegroup and went to the range to test, just a 100 rounds but no problems. Ran the load at a local match last night and, wouldn't you know it, experienced the failure to feed during the classifier. Argh! Ran two more stages after the classifier and the load worked fine. Beginning to consider it may be a magazine tuning issue. Thoughts?
  4. Thanks for the tip, I’ll give the PD JHP a go. Have you tried these in your S2? If so, what OAL did you run?
  5. Can you please share where you can find TTI base plates for less than Henning? I considered both but went with the Henning because they were less expensive. The have been great base pads and a thumbs up for removal. https://www.henningshop.com/Products.aspx?CAT=10227. 19.95 ea. https://tarantacticalinnovations.com/base-pad-for-cz75/. 30.99 ea
  6. I crimp to .377 -.378, and the suspect bullets were right there so I am pretty that is not it. Again, the bullets passed a plunk test as well. Seems like maybe the slightly blunter profile of the RMR FMJ and the 1.085 OAL might be the combo causing a feed issue? I have had feed issues with too long of an OAL when I ran the Extreme 124 gr plated at 1.150. I’ll load up some to 1.1 OAL and see if I get a different result.
  7. I had very good luck with Extreme 124 gr. RN plated bullets in the Shadow 2, then I ran out and started loading RMR 124 gr RN Jacketed because I had some on hand. I have only shot about 350 of the RMR through the Shadow 2 but have experienced 3 instances where the round didn’t chamber causing a similar to type 3 malfunction where the slide needs to be locked back to drop the mag and rack the round out. I do case gauge ALL my rounds with a Hundo, load to a 1.085 OAL and run a 11# recoil spring. I even took the suspect bullets from the range and plunk tested them when I got home, they were fine. Anyone have any experience to share with the RMR 124 gr Jacketed in a S2? Thanks for any assistance you can provide.
  8. Thanks for everyone’s feedback and suggestions. I just purchased an RCBS bullet feeder die and so far, so good. However, the mechanism relies on a nylon part to drop the bullet on the shell and a rubber band to allow the nylon fingers to spread when the shell is inserted then contract to pull the fingers in to hold the next bullet in place. I hope these parts hold up for a reasonable amount of time......
  9. I heard about low viscosity motor oil being an inexpensive solution. Just ordered some Weapon Shield, will see how it works.
  10. Hello All, Just wondering if anyone that uses Frog Lube CLP (liquid) for cleaning guns has experienced the product gumming-up when a gun is in storage for extended periods of time, like 6 months or more? I recently experienced it with two shotguns, firing pins gummed up along with the hammer assemblies and on a Glock where the striker assembly and channel where gummed causing periodic light strikes. In every case, when the gun is disassembled I found a sort of orange/brown gummy residue from the Frog Lube CLP. Once cleaned the guns work great. This only occurs when the guns are not used for extended periods, never experiencing it on weekly shooters. Has anyone had good experience with a particular CLP that is good for removing tough carbon residue and preserving while no gumming? Thanks in advance for sharing any of your experiences.
  11. DougM, what tubes are you running? The ones that came with my Hornady bullet feeding dies hold 33 124 gr. 9mm and 29 230 gr. 45., far less than what you are running. The die will operate better with as little as 8 - 10 bullets in it but that kind of defeats the purpose. Please share your die adjustment technique, following the Hornady directions has not been successful for me. Thanks
  12. Hello, I am using a Hornady LNL press and their bullet feeding die with tubes (manually load tubes with bullets) for both 9mm and .45acp. I already know I should have bought a blue press so please no “You should have bought a Dillon”, that won’t help my current problem. The problem I am having is the bullet feeding die is inconsistently dropping bullets on the shell. So inconsistent that I am placing bullets by hand about 40% of the time. I have followed Hornady’s directions for adjusting the die, I have cleaned the die frequently, I have tried dry lube, frequent adjustments and re-adjustments, rubbing chicken feet on the die, and exorcism and still have the issue. I am using Extreme plated 124 gr. RN 9mm, Rock Mountain 124gr Jacketed 9mm RN, Blue Bullet 230 gr RN and Summers 230 gr RN. It doesn’t matter which bullet I use, it’s inconsistent. The problem is much worse with the .45acp die set-up. It seems the bottom bullet gets seized up from the weight of the bullets on top of it. I am wondering if it’s just me or if other people have experienced this issue and possibly have a solution. Thank you in advance for any suggestions/ideas.
  13. the upgrade in 107.00

    1. GIO


      Hi Noah. I am interested in ONE of your certificates. Does the 399 include shipping from Glock? I am unaware of how these are used. Thank you and hope all is well.



    2. Noah Gladstone

      Noah Gladstone

      Yes it does. You send it in with an FFL then they send it to FFL. It you want a model different from full size, compact, or sub compact there is an upgrade fee.

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