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  1. I think it’s realistic to get close to 5.5lbs on the DA pull. I have one that I shoot for Production that is sub 6lbs and just tad over 2 on single action. I run Winchester, CCI and Extreme primers with no issue. All Cajun Gun Works parts and all internals polished. I started with a G34 in USPSA Production then switched to the Shadow 2 and never looked back.
  2. Since a max capacity rule for PCC isn’t likely to happen. One possible way get back to reality is have PCC shooters declare their max capacity at sign-up and require all mags to be identical in size/capacity and fully loaded at the beginning of each stage. Not aware of a mag holder (yet) that could hold a G33 rounder with a Goliath extension. Not sure shooters would want to do a mandatory mag change with a 51 round mag coming off their belt. Shooters still have freedom of choice on capacity/equipment. I’m not advocating this but for those that think it can’t be remedied you are wrong. I’m sure there are many ways to approach this if USPSA decides they need or want to.
  3. I meant close to unlimited.
  4. Yeah, it’s funny how long those extensions are getting, pretty soon the mags will need training wheels. Sure don’t see them using the meglamag as their mandatory mag change magazine during classifiers. I do think it’s pretty cool that we have at least one division that is pretty close the unlimited.
  5. And for the record I haven’t shot PCC for a couple years and wouldn’t consider myself a fanboy of the division.
  6. A possibility but for my two cents I hope they don’t.
  7. I don’t see it as an argument but rather more about understanding that PCC is not Open, don’t compare the two against one another.
  8. For example, my Colt pattern PCC mags hold less than a similar size Glock 33 round mag. Not restricting the mag capacity permits all of the firearm manufacturers to play the game. I think USPSA got this one correct from the beginning.
  9. This is all great advice, prepping the trigger, sight alignment discipline and the rest. When shooting my SS with less than 2lb trigger and very little take-up (less 1/8”) there is no prepping of the trigger so I try for a fast “surprise break” instead as described above. On my CZ S2s I can prep the trigger, especially on the first DA shot. Point being, adjustments sometimes need to be made when moving from one platform to another.
  10. No, the Lee undersized die just replaces the current decaping/sizing die you are currently using.
  11. Hade you considered having the grooves removed? If you like everything else about the Glock it might be worth considering.
  12. Joe4d has some good advice. Aother culprit is a bulge at the bottom or top of the case. If the bullet fails the plunk after barely entering the chamber your problem is high on the case, right below where the bullet ends in the case. If your bullet plunks and almost makes it all the way into the chamber then you are dealing with a low bulge. Try a Lee undersized full length die to remedy the low bulge. If you have a bulge higher up on the case, and have the ability to reconfigure your press, then try a seating die separate from the crimp die (requires two stations instead of one).
  13. Without knowing more about the specifics it is hard to offer advice. A photo of a reject with an explanation included on what you think is the issue would likely get some feedback.
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