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  1. Update, I received the MBF, set it up, then loaded 200 rounds. Spent the first several rounds working out some fine adjustments then just started loading. The MBF works great and the concentricity issue is solved.
  2. As mentioned here earlier by someone, too much flare can be the enemy of concentricity, and so can too little. I have maxed out what the PTX can provide and the Hornady collets in the bullet drop system are prone to fatiguing and breaking frequently when too much flare is used. Prior to using the PTX I primed and flared my brass first, then ran them through the press a second time. I experimented with different amounts of flare, nothing crazy, and found the Hornady collets crack when introducing any more flare than what the PTX can provide. So, since I am going to try the Mr. Bullet Feeder powder funnel I though I would try their bullet drop system too. Thus I will avoid the cracked collet problem and hopefully have a bullet sitting deeper in the case prior to seating. But who knows, I may encounter different issues with the MBF and still have the concentricity consistency issue.
  3. What I am trying to achieve is a little more flare so that the bullet might seat more uniformly. I am experiencing about 5% to 8% case gauge failure, I think this is too high. Assuming the brass was properly prepped/sized, it seems to me the most obvious causes of a bullet not seating uniformly (concentricity) is that the bullet is not sitting perfectly upright (and a little deeper into the brass) prior to entering the seating die. Below in the top photo is a bullet that failed case gauge, the second photo is the reason the bullet failed, a slight bulge at the bottom of the seated bullet, the third photo is the same bullet on the opposite side showing no bulge (apologies for the quality for the photos). Note, the rest of the bullet diameter is within SAAMI specifications, including what looks like a bulge towards the base; it looks pronounced due to the lighting but it measures .391. I am beginning my approach to reducing the case gauge failure rate with introducing more flare and, based on feedback here, a different bullet drop system (Mini Mr. Bullet). Thank you to everyone for your feedback.
  4. A few have suggested that the Limiter will provide more flare, as I mentioned earlier in the thread, I found another way to adjust for what I believe is the maximum flare without the use of the Limiter. Here are some pictures showing the results I am getting with the PTX (without the limiter) and the measurements to confirm that I am getting the maximum amount of flare as possible. The photo on the left shows the maximum flare on the PTX at .367, the middle photo shows the OD measurement of a flared 9mm brass at .389, the photo on the right shows the brass wall width at .011. If you multiply the brass wall thickness x 2 = .022 and add the PTX max flare measurement of .367 you come up with .389 OD, the measurement of my flared brass. If someone is obtaining significantly more flare with the PTX using the limiter I would be pleasantly surprised and inclined to try it.
  5. Glad to hear that the extra precautions you are taking are effectively lowering your lead levels. I am pretty much taking the same precautions, which are really pretty easy (#Ishouldhavebeendoingthisallalong), and hoping for a similar result.
  6. I adjust the PTX/powder dispenser in the LNL bushing while the shell plate is at the top of its stroke and 9mm brass has fully activated/bottomed out the metering insert while observing the case rim slightly contact the flat portion of the PTX. I know I am getting all the flare possible using this method.
  7. The Hornady Bullet die does require a flare to release the bullet from the internal collet system and the collets do periodically break. Found that out at the most inconvenient time when trying to load the day before a match. Now I always have spare collets.
  8. Which seating die are you having good concentricity results with?
  9. A picture says a 1000 words! The case on the right looks to be about the best I can do with my PTX adjusted for maximum amount of flare. I am looking for the results the MBF is providing on the left case. Thank you for the photo, off to purchase the MBF powder drop.
  10. LOL , what were you going to do if something DID happen, besides soil your shorts and the inevitable run to the ER.
  11. If I understand you correctly it sounds like the same principle as the Hornady PTX. I am just looking for a bit more adjustment to flare the case to see if it will help consistency in concentricity when seating.
  12. Any real life experience out there on how much brass a 9mm Lee carbide undersized-sizing/decapping die will process before it starts to go out of tolerance? It only sees wet tumbled/lubed brass if that makes a difference.
  13. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has personal experience and a recommendation for a good 9mm powder drop funnel/case expander (PTX) for the Hornady LNL powder dropper? I am currently using the Hornady PTX and have it adjusted as far as it can go to expand the case rim but I am looking for just a little more expansion and possibly a little less sticky on down stroke. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  14. I just got my test results for the first time , it is 28. So, I need to make some changes and be more conscientious about limiting exposure. Things I changed immediately,: cut the two indoor steel matches out of my monthly schedule, wear a mask and gloves during reloading, switch to jacketed bullets, use gloves during wet tumble brass processing and use delead wipes often at matches before eating. The doc wants to run another test in 3 months, I am hoping for some appreciable decline. My buddy that works at an indoor range has a much lower level than me and from his experience he said the only way to get an appreciable decline is stop shooting for six months. I will if I have to but there are a few more changes I can invoke first such as switching to lead free primers and cutting all indoor matches out of my schedule ( still shoot about four outdoor matches/month).
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