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  1. Other than you might get some stuff you may not need, no. The ILWT kit is excellent. I went with individual parts from ILWT (in addition to dropping quite a bit on two of his barrels) as I already had extra gas assemblies/tappets. Having an extra tappet is nice but not necessary... they're very unlikely to break, and the extra is mainly just to make cleaning easier (you can drop it in an ultrasonic cleaner overnight.) You really need extractor springs - those should be changed at 5K rounds lest you risk totally ruining a stage. Having a spare firing pin/spring is nice. I'm approaching 10K rounds, and will likely replace the main springs, firing pin & spring, and extractor spring before March. Purely defensive - the gun runs fine right now, but I prefer not to be surprised at match time.
  2. Last summer a kid (late teens or early 20's... A kid to me ;-)) came to one of our club matches and smoked just about everyone with a stock Scorp with iron sites. You'd have to be really good for the gun to hold you back. The ergonomics don't fit me very well, but it's a fine platform.
  3. It's beautiful and I'm sure supremely well made, but I can't fathom paying that for a blowback gun.
  4. If you shoot USPSA or IDPA (or any game that requires fast double-taps) beware of going too light in the barrel. I ran with an ultra-light barrel for nearly a year (5" barrel with 11" welded shroud), and while it points like you're using a finger instead of a gun (very fast) it's not the most stable thing for follow-up shots. For single-shot game like Steel Challenge it's absolutely amazing, but I switched to a heavier barrel with a comp for better mid-range accuracy in the second shot. That may be more my failing as a shooter - using equipment to overcome the inability to keep the end solid, but it certainly worked. I don't miss the tiny amount of pointing speed I lost, and massively appreciate how much easier it is to keep the dot steady on small top A zone targets with tight no-shoots. Stage designers around here just love those.
  5. The TF magwell is nice (inexpensive & attractive.) Practice reloads a lot... that curved mag will give you endless seating fumbles if you're used to the straight colt mags. Coming from a colt pattern Tavor to the MPX this was a big issue. The TF mag extensions are great, though there's lots of options there and I haven't heard anything bad about any of them really. You'll need a couple unless you're just shooting PCC in IDPA. I'm a lefty so I grabbed the wider bladed Raptor charging handle, plus the elevated rear piece solved the issue of the handle rubbing the receiver. Not sure if that's an issue with the new Gen 3. Hiperfire ECL has been perfectly reliable (knock on wood), but not an issue with the new one given the built-in Timney. Don't try and tune the ammo. Buy (or load) the hottest, cheapest factory stuff you can get, then marvel at how it's so much softer than the best tuned blowback with tricky -P loads with perfect reliability. Edit: as Gregg said, don't forget to clean regularly. For a piston gun it gets pretty dirty. Fortunately it's a snap to totally disassemble, especially the great barrel arrangement with 2 bolts to pull. Haven't broken a pin or pin spring in nearly 10K rounds, but the extractor spring should be replaced at 5K rounds, and they're serious about that. Fortunately a dozen of them are like $10. Several places make full parts kits that have all this stuff and more.
  6. Just confirming - if I was interested in running this for CO, there isn't any point to the Pro model, is there? You'd be running TF extensions to get 20+ rounds in a mag, and the magwell isn't legal. Am I missing something? What comp category is the Pro model useful for? Certainly not Production or anything in IDPA, though I guess the magwell is IDPA legal. The Pro extensions seem a bit silly since you're still only putting 10 in the gun.
  7. I use the comp mainly to *add* weight to the end, which helps with double-tap accuracy in USPSA stages. I've got a Taccom 5" barrel with 11" shroud for steel challenge matches, but it's too light and squirrley for me to get acceptable accuracy with fast double-taps at 15 yard, no-shoot bracketed targets. As others have mentioned the comp is there to make the shot timer pick up the shots, add weight, and look neat (MBX Extreme in red.) The MBX comp seems to do a bit to fight muzzle rise, but with the MPX it already has virtually no recoil. Go with either the MPX or the CMMG Radial system if you don't want to spend a lot of time matching ammo to buffers and messing with spring weights, ect. My MPX with HOT factory is slightly lighter shooting than the best tuned blowback I've shot (-P load matched to a set of buffer springs and weights through months of testing in a JP GMR-15 chassis), and blows away untuned blowback guns.
  8. I shoot left (right handed, but left eye dominate, and it's how I leared back in the teen skeet days), and the best lefty experience I've had is with my Tavor (9mm, of course.) 100% ambi, including the ejection port, with no special tools required to switch it around. I can't fully recommend it as a comp gun, though it's so fun to shoot. It's heavy, fairly harsh recoil, and the colt mag system is as much a pain to load on a closed bolt as every other person has mentioned. At the last major I shot it at before switching to MPX, I took the extra second to lock the bolt back on the table start stage just to make sure I didn't lose even more time with a fumbled mag seat. Great gun for leftys and incredibly reliable, but the MPX is simply faster on a stage all other factors even. No knock against the JP (I own a JP-15 AR and wouldn't shoot anything else in 223), but I don't reload and the MPX is dramatically softer with factory ammo. I tried the GMR-15, a Lead Star (love the skeletonized look), a couple of franken PCCs, and the MPX beat them all with factory ammo. A couple of guys had gotten thier blowback guns about as soft as the MPX, but only with handloaded -P rounds tuned to their buffer. I don't have the time or inclination to do that, and the MPX was just as soft with hot, cheap factory ammo.
  9. I'd be curious to know if there's any difference to the Gen II other than the trigger, barrel and handguard. I run a Gen II with an Eclipse, and currently have a 14.5" ILWT barrel and Midwest handguard & MBX comp. Also have the Taccom 5" barrel with 11" shroud and carbon fiber guard. The latter is too light for me to get consistent double-tap accuracy but is great for steel challenge. I appreciate Sig directly catering to the competition crowd with a comp-ready gun out of the box, but I don't think there's much here in the new one for those of us that have already set up a Gen II to compete. Might get one as a backup gun.
  10. Long shot question - would Max allow a heretical PCC shooter into the class?
  11. So... why didn't they just replace the springs? I'm at ~8000 or so with mine, and the only spring issue has been a failed extractor spring at 7000. No knock against JP... I own a JP-15 for my AR, and it's amazing. The GMR-15 is much harsher than my MPX, though, with factory ammo (and I don't have the time to reload.)
  12. One of the reasons I switched from running an X95 to an MPX. When a stage had a required reload or an unloaded start, I was taking the extra couple of seconds to lock the bolt back before inserting the mag rather than risking a dropped mag. Underloading helped, but on an unloaded start with a busy stage with lots of targets that's... not a good idea.
  13. Add another MPX owner with no issues (so far... knock on wood...) at ~8000 rounds. Had the extractor spring fail at 7000 rounds last month, and found out it's recommended to change them at 5000. Oops. Spring plus riser costs virtually nothing, so I'm going to keep them refreshed at 3000. I clean mine after every other match, so every 300-350 rounds, and clean the piston every 4th. I rarely have much carbon build up in the piston at all, but the bolt/chamber get about as dirty as my DI .223. Been very happy with it functionally. I shoot nothing but hot factory 115 or 124, usually Sellier & Bellot or Fiocci. Whatever is cheapest at the time. No time or space for reloading. Went with the Taccom ULW setup (5.5" ILWT barrel welded to a shroud with a round CF handguard), and while I love the feel and 'pointability' of the gun I just haven't been able to get used to how squirrely it is when going fast and double-tapping. Can't get the accuracy. I was sure I'd get it eventually if I just kept shooting it, but we had a Blaster match last month that was all paper so you could bring anything, and I took my fairly heavy 18" JP-15. The heavier barrel just held right where I pointed it no matter how fast I pulled the trigger. Tried a GMR-15 after that and had the same easy accuracy but with a much harsher recoil than my MPX. There's a thread on this forum that asks is it possible to go too light, and the answer for me is yes. Just ordered a 14.5 ILWT barrel and heavier Midwest handguard and a BMX comp. Thought about just buying the new MPX and shooting it stock, but mine is flawless right now and I love the Hiperfire eclipse I've got in it. Just needs more front-end weight. I do like the look of the handguard and comp. I don't shoot steel challenge but the ultra-light front would probably be great for a one-shot per target game.
  14. I clean the gas system every third match, so 500-600 rounds (everything else is after every match). The fact that it's not moving at all is making it more likely your culprit. ;-) I haven't had an issue getting mine apart, though it can be reluctant to move. Mine's not been THAT difficult, though, even on the first cleaning. Have you hit it with your CLP of choice?
  15. Yes... send it back or sell it and get the Thordsen adapter (see above.) No mounting screws. http://www.thordsencustoms.com/picatinny-buffer-tube-adapter/
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