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  1. Just got a new MPX PCC that will take over as primary - my Gen 2 will become the backup gun. While I love the Eclipse I have in the Gen 2, the Timney in the Gen 3 is really close... I'd strongly recommend shooting first before tossing one $250 trigger for another $250 trigger. It is a bit heavier, but it's not affecting my times or accuracy. The stock charging handle is still not all that great, though. This disappointed me. It seems to bind just as easy as the gen 2 did, and can still gouge the back of the upper despite the new tail on the spring retainer. The Next Level handle / spring retainer is massively smoother, plus has much wider latches. Handguard is amazing, and this is the first halfway decent folding stock I've seen. It has virtually no wobble at all. Sig is going to sell a lot of these.
  2. A new MPX PCC plus optic and doo-dads (magwell, extended mag release) is about the same cost as 10 cases of ammo. ...ok, I'm not sure where I was going with that, but there must be some way to use that when 'discussing' the situation with the wife. I got lucky and was able to use proceeds from selling a few older rifles I recently inherited to buy a second MPX. Trying to fix it at the safety table isn't any fun at all, and many part failures (extractors, disconnectors, recoil springs, firing pins, tappets, etc.) require a full breakdown. Much easier to just grab the backup rifle and fix the primary after the match.
  3. Gen 2 was fine, with a few early QC exceptions (feed ramp mis-alignment, etc.) You still will definitely want a Gen 3, though, until a new (or very lightly used) gen 2 drops down to a grand or less. You get a ton of stuff in the gen 3 that you'll pay extra for with a 2. Trigger, barrel with comp, better handguard, better stock, etc. I got an MPX pistol for $1100 new off Gunbroker early last year as that was the cheapest way to get into the gun, since I knew I'd replace virtually everything other than the upper and lower. After the hiperfire, ILWT barrel / guard, fixed tube & stock, it was still more than a new Gen 3 is now with all that stuff. You may still want a different tube/stock (I hate folders... they usually wobble a bit), but the rest is all good equipment. Here is a pretty in-depth review of the Gen 3 MPX PCC vs the earlier MPX Carbine by a competition shooter: http://thrumylens.org/featured/review-of-the-sig-mpx-pcc/
  4. This was sound advice, especially since the trigger hasn't been completely out of the gun since I put it in last March. There were shavings, extra sear grease, etc., but the most likely culprit appears in the image. In my wife's words (she's holding the assembly) that spring 'looks pretty jacked up.' There's very little tension on the disconnector... I can see how it would grab when hand cycling using the charging handle, but not have enough tension when the bolt is at speed. There's a pristine spring in the original trigger assembly, but I've no idea how to replace that, and a quick googling doesn't show any instructions. I'll buy a new one and let let Hiperfire deal with it, and use it for a backup once it's working.
  5. Oh, I'm not complaining (though I hope your fantastic ULW barrel lasts more than 10K... I've got 8K through it ), just trying to figure out the most likely fix before heading back to the range and maybe wasting a trip. Shooting a major next weekend and I really don't want to have to take the Tavor (love shooting it, but it's too slow), so I'll probably just order another ECL and send the first back to Hiperfire unless they just ship out parts. Triggers are wear parts, and from what I've read I'm lucky to get 10K. I'm very close to just buying an MPX gen 3 and use this gen 2 as backup and for steel challenge. We're spoiled here in DFW in that we can shoot 2 and occasionally 3 matches a week, every week, all year. Even without any live practice that really runs up the round count.
  6. Less then 200 rounds through for the piston since cleaning. I've gone 10 times that. The bolt is coming back... the spent round is ejected, and a new round is fed in. The trigger just doesn't reset. When hand cycling the bolt with the charging handle the trigger resets long before the empty round would be ejected. I suspect disconnector failure of some sort, though I'm puzzled why it would reset with manual cycling but not when it's being cycled by the piston. Emailed Hiperfire, so I'll see what they say.
  7. Have an ECL in an MPX with probably close to 10K rounds on it. Went single-shot at a match last week, and I assumed at the time it was the extractor spring (current one has ~5K rounds on it.) Turned out after testing it again at the range that the gun was extracting just fine... the trigger wasn't resetting. However, to make things more mysterious, it resets just fine by manually cycling it. This started happening mid-match, so nothing was changed or newly introduced. Is this more likely a simple spring issue, or something with the disconnector that Hiperfire will need to look at? I don't mind buying another ECL and sending the existing one back to be fixed (should have two anyway), but if a spring replacement is likely to fix it I'll try that first. I'd just do it and not bother the forum about it, but the closest range is 25 minutes away. Spending an hour in transit plus range fees for incremental testing isn't any fun, so if the consensus is a new trigger then I won't bother. It's also tempting to buy a new Gen 3 for a full backup... but that involves intensive wife negotiations. Daughter at college is siphoning off the excess cash.
  8. Perhaps look into replacing the extractor itself? Shooting Sports Innovations and ILWT are carrying a billet machined extractor as an improved factory replacement. My factory spring went about 6000 rounds before it broke in half and stopped ejecting (in the middle of a match, of course.) A Taccom replacement just failed last week after about 3000. Another club shooter I've known for years has a 2017 Gen 1 that he's NEVER replaced any springs on, and it's got many tens of thousands of rounds though it.
  9. 0_o Is that an aftermarket thing? Or a factory variant? Those bolts aren't pulling tight.
  10. I'm running the MBX comp in the new barrel in my MPX (switched from a Taccom ULW with mid-comp), but with FMJ projectiles. May switch to TMJ, but the cost is substantially more. What did you use in your ultrasonic as the solvent?
  11. It's the same as an AR15. It doesn't matter how much you lube it it's going to get dirty, so I wouldn't skimp. The gun will run dirty but it won't run dry. I shoot MPX and for a piston gas gun it still gets pretty dirty, but I can skip cleaning wayyyy longer than I should and it will still run fine as long as it gets some lube. You're likely already doing most everything you can. Make sure carbon doesn't build up on the feed ramps or extractor. If you don't have anti-walk pins keep an eye on them between range trips (had a friend go home early from a match last month when he thought his hiperfire failed, but it was a pin walking halfway out.) The most likely early points of failure are the trigger springs/disconnector or the firing pin. Even JP GMRs break firing pins. Buy an extra or two... they're cheap. My Eclipse is coming up on 10,000 rounds, and I'm thinking of buying a spare. Get more ammo. I shoot a case a month during the busy season.
  12. They're both better than stock (on Gen2 at least... the Gen3 may be better). The spring retention plate for my Raptor wore out after ~8K rounds (the internal groves that hold the rods in place wore away and finally failed), but Radian customer support is excellent. A quick email and I had another plate.
  13. Yep... many shooters have reported that they feel considerably less recoil impulse from the MPX and the same or less dot bounce, but the actual times change little or not at all. I much prefer my MPX to any blowback I've tried, but I don't think it makes me a faster competitor. I love the non-existent recoil impulse and the great reliability. Yes, reliability. Mine has been as or more reliable than any of the blowback guns at matches. Run reasonably hot ammo (I don't reload - only shoot factory 115, so it's typically pretty hot), and clean the gun. Two pretty simple things, and the MPX will treat you to fun stage after fun stage.
  14. Most interested in new (slimmer) grips. Any aftermarket grips available yet? An owner in the main thread did a fantastic job reducing and stipling the grip himself, but I don't possess that skill (and don't wish to learn it on a $1500 gun... ;-))
  15. Acer2428 is right on. There's a TON of stuff you can change out (and I've done most of it), but the gun is really good out of the box. When I got mine I scored a great deal on a pistol variant through Gunbroker ($1150 new), so I put my own barrel/handguard (Taccom/ILWT) magwell, hiperfire, bolt recoil pad, tube/stock, mag releases, etc. Had a blast doing it... the gun is a fun platform to experiment with, and very, very easy to work on. Lena Miculek shoots an MPX for Team Sig, and I think she's shooting the Gen 3 stock this year. I could put $10K into the gun and she'd still beat me without even thinking about it. Practice and ammo are the best investments, then change out what you don't like or what strikes your fancy.
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