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  1. Just acquired a VR80. This is cool. Only issue I have is that I am wrong-handed. Does anyone know if anyone is working on or has any sort of ambi magazine release? Seems like the only drawback for a lefty.
  2. Thanks for the write-up. I just one one of these in a raffle and am debating what to do to it (or if I should do anything). I’m not an open shooter at all.
  3. Left-eye-dominant-shooter-who-is-right-handed-but-shoots-long-guns-lefty here. I switched from a lefty SBEII to an A5 at the end of 2016. I can’t tell you how glad I am I made that switch. I’d say the A5 is one of the more lefty-friendly, right-handed shotties out there. Safety is real simple to reverse and the auto-load makes a match saver no longer necessary as you stated (IMO, YMMV). I also suggest to upgrade to Tom Knapp sight over stock, get the port opened (I sent mine to RCI), slap a tube on it and you’re good to go.
  4. Well, it was stuck enough that I snapped the lugs off of my browning choke wrench. Had to replace that too. So, yeah. Lesson learned the hard way. Haha.
  5. @Ethanolguy: I was using CLP before. I just didn't take the tube out often enough to reapply. Lesson learned. Choke tube is getting pulled, cleaned and re-lubed after each match now. This was a less-than-fun process.
  6. @GunCat: yeah. Bought the whole tube. Worked as advertised. I did have to ad a spacer to get spring tension on a 26" barrel though. Once it was all on, the tube came out rather easy (compared to before) @gerritm: Appreciate the tip. I'm thinking about doing the same. Some quality grease tips are much appreciated.
  7. 750-1k. Its fun time with Kroil, brush and power drill now.
  8. Mission accomplished with no damage to the tube or the barrel. Unless you count the rust spot I've got to take out now. Oil your stuff well. Lesson learned.
  9. Thanks for the tips. I've got the whole tool headed my way. That choke tube is coming out one way or another!
  10. Awesome. If you've got a pic of that, I'd appreciate it. I'm going to try a combo of these tips once I get my Kroil in and a good soak on the barrel end. Appreciate the tips.
  11. Anyone tried this before? http://www.midwayusa.com/product/145730/100-straight-csp-stuck-choke-tube-removal-tool-head-only-fits-invector-rem-choke-win-choke-ruger-bernadelli-zolli-skb-4-notch-tubes-12-gauge?cm_mmc=se_service-_-shippingconf-_-shippingconf-_-ProductShippedTodayLink
  12. Thanks for the tips. Sounds like I'll need some luck.
  13. Yeah. I'm soaking it tonight. See what I can do tomorrow.
  14. Give me your best tips for a stuck choke tube. We're talking really stuck. Thanks!
  15. Kinda out of the box here, but we used a drone to spot .223 hits at 600 yds today. Worked really well!
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