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  1. the window seemed too small and lost dot frequently. With the DPP I never loose my dot, larger window. The FF3 in a nice red dot, works on my SW victory 22 but just not for me in USPSA CO.
  2. I started with Burris fastefire with sp01 and it did not work for me. Switched to and deltapoint pro wow what a difference. Love it. I shot it for awhile with leupold mount and did well. Switched to shadow with Cz custom plate system and it is only better now. As far as gun both are great. Shadow slightly better because of trigger reset. I did do trigger work and polishing trigger and slides on both.
  3. Headed to destin fl on vacation soon and looking for a match to shoot. Practiscores new search engine stinks so difficult to find a match. Anyone know a uspsa match near destin? Thanks
  4. Can you guys help me with specifics. Looking for very little pretravel and extremely short reset. Of course lowest trigger pull as possible. Please let me know the part numbers that so i can order. I have already polished. Thx
  5. Thx i have seen that post but cant see the photobucket pics
  6. 1. Ensure slide (everything to include extractor and extractor slot) are clean. Gun very clean and polished 2. Replace extractor spring. Tried extra power spring but did not work at all would not even chamber 2. Age and weight of recoil spring. May need to replace and may need to go 1-3 lbs lighter. Springs no more than 1000 rounds, i put in brand new 10 pound 3. Face of ejector may need minor grinding to change ejection angle. Have not done, would like to see a goo pic of this mod 4. Check extractor, breach face, & ejector for burrs. Don't polish but ensure they are smooth. Polished 5. Can you video the pistol when firing (in slow motion) and see what is happening to the case that is stove piping? Have not done this 6. Left side of the breach face (as you point the pistol) should have a curved area where the left side of the case is pushed by extractor pressure. There is a small groove facing to the right side of the pistol in the "ledge" Ensure it is clean and no powder residue buildup. Hope that is a good enough description to find what I am talking about. Seems to be very clean and ok ---------. I did today try 135 power factor and ran great no issues. Im beginning to think the extra weight of the deltapoint pro is making 125 loads difficult to run. Maybe if i get slide milled maybe i can go little lighter load.......
  7. With 150pf the brass ejects nicely to right and slightly backwards. I was running 10 pound spring.
  8. Extractor tip looks good. Ejector tip seems fine - slightly rounded corners but flat. I've read that if you angle the tip down that's helped. Any experience with that?
  9. Need help....... Started shooting sp01 in carry optics, shot 4 matches no issues then on 5th started to have stovepipes, 4 or 5 in hundred. The nose of feeding bullet is in chamber and empty casing is stovepiped. Same failure everytime. Im running xtreme 147gr 3.2 titegroup 1.13 length with 11pound recoil spring, did try with 10lb and still have same issue. It does have weak ejection. Ordered a extra power extraction spring and didnt work at all, extractor to strong to allow extractor to move much. I read where people have changed the ejector angle to resolve a similar issue. Old thread pictures are gone that show this so if anyone has pic that would be great. I tried stronger rounds today and it ran better but i want to run as close to 125pf as possible. Any advice would be helpful thanks
  10. I used a cr speed for mine and it worked great. I did have to grind part of the holster to make it work. Very simple and will be very straight forward if you have dremel or something similar to grind alittle
  11. mktt89

    Cz75b mag capacity

    Thinking of buying a cz75bd police model and little confused about magazines i know it comes with a 16 round mag. I had a sp01 shadow and ran 19 round mecgars Does the 75 and sp01 take different mags? If i recall they do but not 100% what is the mags i can run in the 75 to get rounds up and please let me know where to get it
  12. Oh my goodness how many matches this has screwed me up. Agree now unless it's reloaded it's in my pocket
  13. What weight spring did u end up running. Also note that only the 16 pound factory has the interference fit. The 11 and 13 do not.
  14. mktt89

    CZ CO Choices

    Will you give me the specifics of every part you changed and where you got them
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