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  1. the window seemed too small and lost dot frequently. With the DPP I never loose my dot, larger window. The FF3 in a nice red dot, works on my SW victory 22 but just not for me in USPSA CO.
  2. I started with Burris fastefire with sp01 and it did not work for me. Switched to and deltapoint pro wow what a difference. Love it. I shot it for awhile with leupold mount and did well. Switched to shadow with Cz custom plate system and it is only better now. As far as gun both are great. Shadow slightly better because of trigger reset. I did do trigger work and polishing trigger and slides on both.
  3. Headed to destin fl on vacation soon and looking for a match to shoot. Practiscores new search engine stinks so difficult to find a match. Anyone know a uspsa match near destin? Thanks
  4. Can you guys help me with specifics. Looking for very little pretravel and extremely short reset. Of course lowest trigger pull as possible. Please let me know the part numbers that so i can order. I have already polished. Thx
  5. I used a cr speed for mine and it worked great. I did have to grind part of the holster to make it work. Very simple and will be very straight forward if you have dremel or something similar to grind alittle
  6. What weight spring did u end up running. Also note that only the 16 pound factory has the interference fit. The 11 and 13 do not.
  7. If you want to see it in a match check out my Instagram mktt89. I shot it this past weekend and posting one video.
  8. Running titegroup 3.0gr with 147 extreme. On a cz scorpion, runs perfect
  9. Did hesitate go with scorpion. Go to hb industries and get their theta trigger and new trigger springs, charging handle and ak safety release. You will be very happy.
  10. Dryfire mag is pretty good. Sirt is better for sure. If your interested i have an extra. Pm me......
  11. I did have a issue with mine i could not fix. I contacted them and they sold me another at a lower cost
  12. mktt89

    DK Triggers?

    Reponse seems to be very slow..... Triggers are good but each runs little different. I have three of them and one is very good other two are ok. I would give him a try.
  13. My daughter runs 9 pound recoil spring on uncaptured guide rod. Runs very good. Has dk trigger with light zev springs. I do have to use federal primers with the trigger spring sets she uses. She runs 2.6 to 2.8 titegroup. Really does not make power factor but she practices with it getting ready to run matches
  14. I would like to know the recoil spring weights as well
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