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  1. Good point, I see what you mean. Dry firing is also part of my regiment. click-click, click-click, click-click. Dad, what are you doing?", I'm doing my dry firing exercises . but it looks like your standing in one spot...how is that exercises?", trust me my daughter it is...now go see what mom is doing .
  2. Thanks guys for the welcome! Grumpy, I've started reading the rule book and I do reload; right now at 4.0gr. Titegroup under a 124gr. Extreme plated round nose, clocking mid-to upper 1000's. One thing (of many) I'm confused about is that the gal who won "production" that night was shooting a Tanfoglio "race-style" gun and sporting "race-style" gear. According to Appendix D4-Production Division: #20 states regarding holsters and magazine restrictions, "suitable for everyday use. Race-gun type holster prohibited." Maybe this wasn't an official shoot? They took scores and posted them on-line.
  3. High-power, I was slooooow, hit mostly alpha's & bravo's, a few Charlie's. I'm sure it will take time to speed up my cadence & rhythm. Also, I was nervous, trying to remember what to do per stages. We did El President Mozambique and Ocho amigos.
  4. Hello from Western Wisconsin, I'm a service technician in the welding industry and have been shooting a 9mm CZ75-B for 5yrs. it's my first 9mm and I really enjoy it. It's not the most expensive or the lightest pistol but it's comfortable and reliable. Just ordered some parts from Cajun Gun Works and saw a link to this site. Hoping to learn a lot about CZ's and shooting in general. Two weeks ago I shot my first USPSA match and did as well as expected...second to last:) but it was fun and met some great people. Looking forward to more events. Cheers to all, Scott
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