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  1. For competition use I'm not sure what can be done. Extra protective hoods are always going to obstruct your view. I like the idea of them being optional or removable as with the 510c and Romeo 1, so people who want the least obstructed sight picture can have it. Durability of the electronics is still in most need of improvement though. While some appear anecdotally more likely to last than others, no red dot seems immune from inexplicably biting the dust even after very low round counts.
  2. now can sig actually follow through and have the dang thing available, with relevant accessories (mounts and plates) by the end of this year?
  3. I believe that's just a romeo 1 with the shroud kit. Not the new R3.
  4. Crisp dot, bright enough to not wash out against fresh painted steel on the sunniest of days? Low profile box but huge window? (ie not a slideride) Batteries last a whole match? Units that dont inexplicably stop working after low round counts? It doesnt even need the fancy auto off and shake awake since we arent asking for a ccw optic, just the most awesome possible competition optic. can you at least hint as to how long we might wait?
  5. No. Nothing about it at shotshow either. At shot they let people see the romeo 2 and mentioned a romeo1 pro. neither appears to meet the criteria of the long rumored max michel edition R3. I’ve been wanting to get a red dot but im hesitant right now since all the current ‘top of the line’ dots are at least a couple years old.
  6. I am interested in these for steel matches but no one seems to have the rail mount adaptor in stock, item SOR1MK013. It is available bundled with the 3moa romeo 1 Any ideas other than buying the 3 moa kit and trying to sell off the optic?
  7. Thank you sir! It seems like kind of a large sight for such a gun (.22) but people run c-mores on these things all the time. I'm thinking the circle-dot reticle will be excellent for short range steel shooting. For all but the smallest plates you just roughly center the plate in the circle and pull the trigger. The really tiny plates (2x4 in) on the other hand, won't be obscured like they would by an 8 or 12 moa cmore.
  8. Does running it without the shell save much weight or just block less of your vision? Thinking about trying one on a volquartsen scorpion for steel matches.
  9. So basically I just won open 10 minor division for the match ?
  10. Sorry I see now it was a dumb question but being a casual and relatively new participant to sanctioned matches this was exactly the reason I was asking this question. No one bats and eye at people using a striker gun with no thumb safety and a 2 lb trigger. Thanks for setting me strait guys
  11. I've been shooting limited with an SAO handgun but have a DA/SA with decocker on the way. If I wanted to shoot the new gun in limited until I assemble a rig/magazines for production can I start hammer up even though it doesn't have a manual safety? Thanks
  12. Cone stage was very fun although I wish I had just rolled the dice on a long distance toss instead of shooting one handed half the stage. I need to quit being so conservative and take some risks! Glad you got to shoot a little before the DQ ?
  13. Hey I was there but I don’t think I was in your squad. Which stage got you? The cone stage or the one with the pair of 20 yard paper shots across the width of the bay?
  14. A big cone. You’re either shooting one handed for over half the shots in the stage or toss it and hope to get lucky (unlikely) or run backwards to get it at the end. The RO and shooter were related and some of us felt like it might have gone differently for one of us to do the same thing.
  15. Thanks Skipping the item may have been wise. I’ll keep an eye on such wording in the future but it may have said last shot fired not target engaged, making it one procedural which they were given. Accuracy and speed were obviously much easier without having to deal with it.
  16. Course description required an object be placed in a box near the ‘end’ of the stage before the final target is engaged. Someone blew through the course ignoring the object.
  17. I have some just like that on mine and I love it!
  18. The AFC 18 rd mag bodies are slightly longer than the current OEM mags. I'm sure that even when mecgar was the supplier they made them to whatever specs sig wanted. They are different I'll take pics tonight
  19. Hey I also have an apex tactical basepad which is described as passing the 140 mm gauge but I believe that may be if it's on a factory mag body. I have it on a mecgar body and its 23 rounds but its definitely longer than the mecgar 20 I just pictured for you. I gotta go to work now but tonight I can try switching that apex base pad to a factory tube and measuring it, I'm guessing it'd hold 21 easy maybe 22 crammed. That said the apex basepad is so expensive you might just stick with the mecgar 20 which can be had for about 25 bucks shipped if you know where to look. The mecgar 20 will actually hold 21 if you cram it in anyway.
  20. It's not a real magazine gauge and I don't shoot USPSA so you be the judge.
  21. I'll measure one right now for you
  22. Yes but you can get some basepads that are 140 mm and hold a couple more. You will be paying for it though.
  23. Sounds good Gbertolet! I actually went ahead and ordered a DAA funnel already which should be here any day. Not knowing the DAA dimensions I also had comissioned another funnel being custom made with the intended diameter of .358 which should be here in a couple weeks. I guess I'll see which works best. As for bullets I got some acme 147 gr bullets which measured .357 I managed to load some smoothly with the stock dillon funnel depending on headstamp. Some headstamps were too rigid or thick and I couldn't get the bullet to seat without shaving. The ones I did get loaded shot really well from my barrel that slugged .357 I'm guessing they will make for good shooting if the replacement funnel allows for reliable seating. I'm going to go ahead and try some .358 bullets too and see what works best. I'll hit both funnels with calipers and try loading some oversized bullets and report back.
  24. Ok update. I got some lead fishing weights Not sure if it was 100% lead but I was able to scratch it with my fingernail through the plastic bag so it was soft. Factory barrel slugged .357 in the grooves. Aftermarket threaded barrel was .358 Should I look at getting larger projectiles?
  25. Ok I set the sizing die to only size down to about the bullet seating depth, then adjusted my bell back to a normal amount, and slowly ran 100 cartridges paying very close attention to what was happening. As you said everything went MUCH more smoothly, especially the bullet seating, even with VERY minimal flare/bell. Many finished cartridges could have passed plunk test with no additional crimp but this was mixed headstamp range brass and some retained a little extra flare due to brass variations. I measured some pulled bullets and was still getting very slight swagging of about .001x on the base of the projectile but it was much less pronounced and a smaller length of the bullet was affected. Obviously neck tension has been greatly reduced because before it was sizing the base of the bullet down by about .003 or slightly more. My Dillon funnel measures .353 and as I understand it the MBF funnel expands to about .355? I would guess that with the MBF funnel/expander and .356 lead I can probably eliminate the bullet swagging entirely and skip the final crimp. I would also guess it would minimize variation of neck tension using mixed headstamp brass? Am I thinking on the right track here? Thanks again!
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