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  1. I can skip rope like a mofo from boxing training years ago. I don't see where it's made my shooting any better.
  2. Man, it's been so long I don't even remember.
  3. As stated above, recoil is a thing. After a lot of work my times are as fast or faster shooting major but still not as accurate.
  4. My thumb feels lost and alone when I shoot without one now.
  5. I'd say it depends on how much room you have. I just use the 1/3 scale targets because I can simulate out to 25 yards in my garage. 25 feet is roughly equal to 25 yards with 1/3 scale targets.
  6. I disassemble, clean and lube mine about every 1000 rounds. In between I just wipe off the gunk (Titegroup, nuff said) and keep it lubed.
  7. Huh. I found the Shooter's Connection belt to be too stiff and prefer the CR Speed belt. Just comes down to personal preference I guess.
  8. Haven't updated this in a while but still practicing. I've gotten more serious about taking videos. So here's some from today's practice: 1.87s Bill Drill 29 points 2.20s Blake Drill. Need to knock .10s off my transitions to get these under 2.00s. Moving Blake Mini Course
  9. I don't shoot as much as I'd like or need to. Once a week whether it's practice or a match. Didn't make any matches this month because of family obligations. I really need a place in the country with my own range.
  10. Definitely. His videos taught me how to tune mags too. Good stuff.
  11. A little more tension on the left leaf of the sear spring fixed it. Get a nice "click" now at 1/4 and full cock. Looks like I had hammer follow going on too. Thanks for the help.
  12. I'm aware few parts are "drop in" for a 1911. I'd rather start with a new spring (they're cheap) to eliminate a variable. I don't mind doing some tuning.
  13. Thanks for the replies. Got a new sear spring on order and will start there.
  14. I'm new to the 2011. Bought a used Brazos Pro in January. Trigger is pretty light, I'd say under 2.5 lbs with very little over travel. A few weeks ago it started doubling. Or I started doubling it. Today it would double then only go to quarter cock. I could very well be bump firing it since it's sporadic and seems to happen when I try to run the trigger fast but the quarter cock thing is new. Is it user error or gun related? Should I try adjusting the over travel screw out a little?
  15. The 2011 I picked up in January had a *thumb rest [generic]*. First time I'd ever tried one. Love it.
  16. I did pull the gun over with my weak hand. Old habit from shooting Glocks I need to train out of. Rears it's ugly head under pressure.
  17. Currently Limited C class. 2 misses on the steel cost me some time.
  18. You ain't the only one brother. Went from a Glock 35 in a kydex holster to a 2011 in a DAA Racemaster back in January. Still not as fast. But that's a bunch of big changes all at once. If I didn't love the thumb rest so much I'd probably go back to kydex.
  19. Been a while since I updated this. I drank the 2011 Kool Aid and bought a used Brazos in the classifieds. It hasn't made me an instant GM but it sure is nice, very reliable too with long loaded ammo. I found I really like thumb rests but don't like speed holsters. They take some getting used to. Shot first match last month with the 2011. 5th out of 14 in Limited and 28th out of 77 overall. No mikes but a few D's. I think it's time to speed things up.
  20. Took a couple weeks off from practicing. Started dry firing again yesterday. Working on gripping the shit out of gun with my weak hand. Funny how those bad habits get so ingrained.
  21. Do you use a timer with the above drill?
  22. I use both TTI and Dawson. They both perform the same. The Dawson's are easier to get on and off though neither are that difficult. I'd buy whatever is cheaper. I've found they aren't as reliable as stock length mags which isn't a surprise. This season I put 4 aside to only use for competition so they don't get beat up in practice. I also have two dedicated to dry fire only. Gets expensive quick though not 2011 expensive. Tip: Change your springs once a season or more depending on how much you shoot. I buy 33 round magazine springs from Glock ($5 a piece) and cut them to length. I leave one more coil than the springs that come with the base pads.
  23. Last match of the year. Finished 8th out of 33 shooters total. Gun ran good, finally, and no Mikes or major mistakes. Not too bad for only shooting 7 matches this year. Need to shoot more matches next year and hit some majors if I want to up my game. Past month I've been training movement exclusively in dry and live fire. No stand and shoot. None. Lots of shooting on the move, position entry/exit, quick step etc. Shaving time is the low hanging fruit for me right now.
  24. Life has been getting in the way of shooting. Missed both of the local October matches. Today was my first live fire practice in over a month and was a little rusty. Shooting on the move is improving though. Cold Bill Drill: 2.11s 29 pts Blake Drill: 2.35s 29 pts SHO Blake: 4.14s 25 pts WHO Blake: 4.30s 24 pts Moving Blake (forward): 2.75s 28 pts Moving Blake (backward): 2.90s 28 pts Moving Blake (L to R): 2.71s 27 pts Moving Blake (R to L): 2.83s 27 pts 4 Aces 10 yards: 2.85s 18 pts the first live fire
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