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  1. Sti had good parts already, are there any better out there? Sure. How much do you want to spend for an incremental improvement? Take that money and buy ammo and shoot more. Sent from my XP7700 using Tapatalk
  2. I shoot the same projectiles with the same powder loaded to 1.18", 5.3 gr gave me 171 PF....too close for IPSC major so I use 5.4 out of my 2011 (Edge)
  3. Not really a reliability reason but I remember as an an RO, I handled this one really light trigger, probably 1 to 1.5 lbs... I know you're wondering why an RO is handling a competitor's gun, I usually don't, but this one time I made an exception as the competitor was busy applying direct pressure. True story. Sent from my XP7700 using Tapatalk
  4. Go to a match, find the safety table and wait. You'll soon meet all the 1911 shooters. Lol Sent from my XP7700 using Tapatalk
  5. Best thread I've seen in a while. Love the 3 suggestions you can follow as a shooter, 1 complain, 2 offer to run/help next event, 3 don't shoot at that club. I have a hard time accepting #3...but I have to, I don't have the time or energy to fix everything I don't agree with. But if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem, so I choose my events carefully. Some small clubs holding level 1 events are content to cut corners, look the other way for a new shooter, etc. You can quickly become "that guy" eating lunch at a private picnic table (or worse) for pointing out those problems. Level 1 match committees need to travel a bit, get a taste of well run events, have the support at their own club and be motivated to do the same. A good RO needs to do the same. If you only RO level 1s at your local club, there's probably a lot you haven't seen. I think there are ROs who believe a fair stage is when all competitors do everything exactly the same just some are faster or more accurate. Lol. Looking forward to another great year ahead, hoping to make it out to the range more, more matches, big matches and better finishes, stay safe and have fun. Sent from my XP7700 using Tapatalk
  6. Clays, funny nobody warned you yet. [emoji39] I ran a bit of a torture test last year with my sti edge. At 2000 rounds with same powder the slide was running noticably slow, brass landing at my feet. Shortly after, failure to eject. Quick rail cleaning and lube got me through my practice session. Sent from my XP7700 using Tapatalk
  7. I'm a lefty who started in standard back in 1995 with a Glock 21. 4 years ago switched to a STI edge in .40. wished I had done it sooner. I'm now out of shape, my eyes aren't quite what they used to be. I think the equipment improvement helps me keep doing what I used to be able to do because of foot speed and practice. About a lefty mag release, I don't think I want one after all these years. Sent from my XP7700 using Tapatalk
  8. I don't worry much about handling, cleaning brass or reloading. Lead is either inhaled as fume or ingested as dust, The exposure from these activities is very low, wash your hands after. While shooting indoors or casting your own lead bullets, I'd use a decent half face respirator with a set P100 filters, you'll be fine. Besides shooting, I've worked at a lead smelter for the past 8 years if that counts for anything and my levels are below the plant average.
  9. I had problems with hammer follow and light strikes until I noticed both left and right top screws we're loose. I now use blue locktite. I know this advice doesn't help now, sorry. Hammer follow scared me....never did go auto thankfully. Sent from my XP7700 using Tapatalk
  10. Now I'm curious, usually it's only the 1911 crowd that has weight concerns. What are you up to?
  11. If you're asking for a 2011, mag part#126-10-40 from factory with plastic basepad weighs 3.55 OZ. For a STI aluminum angled basepad add 0.5 OZ
  12. I'm happy shooting my 2011 40 cal major in standard, but I do have a young one who's almost ready to start. Nobody has to convince me of a glocks reliability or suitability as a "first" pistol. I never really had any interest in a 9mm after starting with a Glock 21 back in 1995 in standard division, but now with the new division (production optics), the old division (production), a kid ready to start soon, gen 5 on the market........maybe it's time for a 9mm. Any rumors on how long it will be before we see a Glock 17 gen 5 MOS?
  13. Read a few posts on dropped guns, this one is a little different. Witnessed this last fall at our level II provincials within my squad: 1. Competitor shoots a stage, no problems. 2. Competitor patiently waits for range commands by RO and follows them. (removes mag, unloads round from chamber...........click) 3. Competitor places gun in holster. (ghost holster with no muzzle support) 4. The moment the competitor removes his hand from the gun, the gun falls on the ground. The competitor thought he was safe, the RO cleared the gun (again) gave it back and closely watched him holster the gun. The RO then informs the competitor that he's been DQed. After a lengthy discussion, the call stood and it was explained that until a gun is successfully holstered, the coarse of fire hasn't been completed. He dropped a gun during a coarse of fire - DQ. This is IPSC. Thoughts?
  14. Yup, a broken firing pin spring works about 90% until you change it and electrical tape around grip will allow mags to stay in when the mag catch spring has cracked. The only tough breakage I had was loosing a front site on a low port that I got to close too, it was my lucky day, the CRO was a Glock armorer.
  15. I get a PF of 177 with a 180 gr Campro TMJ (either TC or RN) using 5.3 gr of HP38 loaded to 1.18" in a STI edge. I'd be cautious, 5.6 gr seems like a lot of HP38. If it's for USPSA you could probably get away with 5.0 or 5.1.
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