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  1. do you have any more of those czechmate compensators for sale?

    1. kneelingatlas


      Yes, I'll send you a PM

  2. I am brand new to the Czechmate. can i use the recoil spring form my sp-01 or is it a specific length/ width outside the standard 75 width?

  3. pm sent about race master holster

  4. This will be my first Area match, does anyone have an idea of approximately how many rds this match will be? should i bring 1000? 2000? I am prepping and dont want to be surprised.
  5. Is the "production legal" kit from CGW allowed at a sanctioned national match? i'm shooting the Area 1 championship match and need to know if i need to change anything.
  6. What 3 Gun Triggers do yall use for competitive rifle or carbine matches? I am a student and am looking for a trigger that won't break the bank.what do you use and where can I buy it? thanks in advance
  7. Hey y'all, my name is Taylor and I am a college student in Idaho. I have been shooting USPSA for 2 years now and will be travelling down to SLC for the area 1 championship this May. I shoot production and toy around in limited minor. it seems like this year is the year that it is cool to shoot limited minor. I recently put a new trigger in my CZ SP-01 to make it like the shadow, is this legal or will i need to shoot limited? any advice on this topic would be appreciated.
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