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  1. +1 for Forester micrometer seating for and Redding - I use both on 6.5 creedmoor
  2. Mec 9000 with the automate electric drive motor
  3. Thank you the ammo top I reload and have started working up load to improve accuracy
  4. Thank you all - I am leaning towards an M2 but there sure does appear to be some great options at significantly lower prices
  5. Thank you frankge your post makes sense - I was going to ask about reclaimed as i load that for practice - you gave me additional insight
  6. Great info on the ballistic calculator - I shot a 3 gun match at Ben Avery today - learning more all the time - I had my first experience with a spinning at rifle range - it was challenging- any spinner tips?
  7. I tend to hear a Loud spring noise in the stock - any ideas on why and what my options are to eliminate the spoon on a cheese grater sound?
  8. Thanks for the tips I did install an SSA-E trigger big improvement in the feel
  9. Curious why you prefer 1 1/8 oz vs 1 oz at 1280 FPS?
  10. All - I am considering purchasing an M2 for the purpose of 3GUN and seeking advise on trigger springs - Taran tactical, 3Gun special addition no spring change - others? recommendations for springs in general? thank you
  11. All - Recently I started shooting 3 gun and I am seeking input on reloading - I am a long time clay shooter and load light 7/8 oz 1 oz loads for a high end over/under on a MEC 9000 automate load recommendations/techniques for 3GUN? Thank you
  12. I located an Appleseed course near my town in Arizona - thank you for the recommendation
  13. All - this is very helpful - as mentioned I have only shot 2 matches ever - please explain more regarding breathing techniques
  14. Great tips - I did recently zero at 50 yds after my last match I don’t own a chronograph - May have to look into that i upgraded my trigger but it seems like maybe trigger control could be part of the issue?
  15. Great tips - I did recently zero at 50 yds after my last match
  16. Hello All - recently shot a couple of 3 gun matches and had a great time but struggled with the distance shots 200yds and 250 yds any tips are appreciated
  17. What barrel length do you recommend 21” 24” or 26”?
  18. The loaner is a beretta that I like but it is more of a hunting gun -
  19. Hello All - I recently started shooting 3 gun and have been borrowing a friends shotgun - I am interested in purchasing my own - what do you recommend?
  20. Eveyone - thank you for your inputs - sounds like both are great options!
  21. Hello all - I am interested in a limited pistol I have looked into both Freedom gunworks and Atlas gun works - does anyone have experience with either of them and can you provide recommendations? thank you for your insights
  22. All - I currently shoot an STI Eagle in 40 - I am interested in a custom/semi custom - perhaps from Freedom Gunwirks or Atlas Gunworks How much of a performance difference can one expect?
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