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  1. Thanks for that update and info about safeties. Mine had a couple of FTEs after the first 300 rounds. I put the new LOK Veloce grips on (stock grips were too slick). I also watch where my support hand thumb sits on the extended slide stop. My FTEs were only in Federal 115 grain 100 pack range ammo. I put a Langdon 11.5 recoil spring in mine, oiled it well, and so far with 124 grain and 147 grain various ammo makes, after 350 rounds--all is well. Plan to get more rounds down range soon. My thoughts about the FTEs were 1) As noted above--keep it oiled well, and 2) slick grips with longer fingers--possible slide riding or limp wristing. I hope LOK makes wrap-around palm swells for it at some point.
  2. In other news, IDPA has not changed their weight limits or rules for awhile. . . . I was just trying to condense and summarize what I learned after reading all 8 pages of this thread. I think that weight gain is normal as we grow older.
  3. Federal 124 grain would be my suggestion.
  4. I don't have a Stock 1, but it may help to note what brand and grain of ammo that you were using. Could be grip-related, recoil spring-related, magazine-related. I have a Stock 3 and I had to change the recoil spring (two were provided) to get it to run reliably when I first got it. Did you clean and lube or just out-of-box to range it? Hopefully some of the Stock 1 owners can help you. I know it can be frustrating. Hang it there.
  5. GFDS irritating Sig fans. Still funny.
  6. LOK grips for 92x Perf are ready to order (but the note says about same thickness as stock grips--not sure about palmswell version). The slide on mine comes off fine. The smooth grips are my only complaint so far and LOK has solved that problem.
  7. Staccato P would be a $2000 Limited Minor gun. Trigger work/part cost are an add on. You can shoot a CZ Shadow 2 in Limited Minor. You can shoot a SIG Legion X5 in Limited Minor. You can shoot a CZ Tac Sports Orange 9mm in Limited Minor There are other options for less money. I recently saw a STI Staccato P sitting next to a Staccato XL (9mm) in a gun shop. Look the same except the longer slide and slide cuts (and trigger is better on the XL). $2000 vs. $3400. If you are serious about competition there are many better options than the Staccato line.
  8. I also confirmed with RHT that the 92X Performance version is available to order (note that the "non-Performance" version 92X does not have the Brigadier slide).
  9. Steppenwolf

    A01 LD for Limited

    Nice looking blaster. I can't help but be reminded of the custom motorcycle craze that started up just before 2000. Harley-Davidson motorcycles had a long wait list and were selling for up to $2000 over retail in most shops. Harley add-ons were pricey. A bunch of custom builders jumped into the market. Used Harleys were holding their values quite well. A few years later the custom market faded away and you could walk into a HD shop and pay retail and drive one out the door and even get discounts on parts. Now that STI abandoned the Edge and is offering a Staccato XL for $3400 in its place we are seeing a similar development. The non-2011 style Limited class offerings are growing and there are more "custom" 2011 builders. I suspect that we will see a similar trend in the Limited blaster market. The Atlas Titan yields to sight-block models with fancier features, etc. I'm glad I got my Edge (.40) when I did. It is good to see all the new offerings and choices however. America!
  10. Just checked mine. Same side-to-side. Excellent gun. Accurate, reliable. Go to matches, shoot it, win, enjoy.
  11. I don't know how you define "surprisingly better," but my STI Edge and Marauder are fit well, are accurate, and, other than a magazine-related issue with my Edge, have run well at matches. I've handled the STI Staccato XL in a LGS and it is not $1200 or more "better" than my STI Marauder. The trigger on my Marauder is at least "as good." I can punch out the 2" diameter center of a target at 30-35 feet easily with the Marauder or Edge at the range. I've also handled a Staccato P in 9mm and its trigger is not as good and it doesn't feel as well balanced as my Marauder. The new STI grips are grippier than the old Gen 1 grips, but Dawson STI fit grip tape works for me. I would hope that they hold their value well, but given that the Staccato XL costs $3400, you will still take a larger loss if you sell comparative to an Edge or Marauder.
  12. Additional thought (sacrilege perhaps), but take a peek at the Sig X5 Legion. It costs $899, weighs and feels "like" a 2011. All you need to add are Talon Grips ($17). This might be a better starting option. It has a flat trigger. I really like mine (but I still shoot my STI Edge (.40) in Lim Major on occasion).
  13. "Build quality is surprisingly nice" is an interesting choice of words for a $2000 pistol. I would expect that build quality is excellent for that much money. One of the Shot Show 2020 STI videos noted that the Staccato P has a 4# trigger (vs. a 2.5# trigger on the Staccato XL that costs $3400). I think that is because the Staccato P is not aimed at the competition market. I definitely would not get a 2011 in 9mm if I planned on shooting USPSA. You may find, as happened to myself and many others, that you may start in IDPA and eventually find yourself shooting a lot more USPSA matches if you really "get into it." Don't rush into a decision.
  14. Just watched an STI Staccato XL related YT video filmed at Shot Show (2020). Interesting, but in the many posted comments you can tell that the posters are not competition shooters. I doubt you will see any USPSA shooters pick up a $3400 Limited Minor pistol (nor the .40 version given they can get a custom 2011 for a bit more $). One of the selling points the STI rep was proclaiming was the new grip. What he didn't tell you was that you can buy a new grip and put it on your existing STI 2011 and still have a gun that is $1000 to $1200 less than the Staccato XL. I handled a S-XL at a LGS and it was nice, but not $3400 nice. I have an Edge (.40) and a Marauder (9mm). I like both and they were considerably less money. The new DW DWX will come in about half the price of the Staccato XL. The LGS rep told me they just got in the "Combat Master" and it sold immediately (costs even more). The John WIck "endorsement" will eventually wear off. I also think that STI is going after the "tactical" market now. Other companies will step in to fill the void in the competition market.
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