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  1. Our local indoor matches (2x/month) just cancelled for the rest of the year because only 4-6 people have been showing up (vs. normal of 20 to 24). Local monthly IDPA match went from 6 stages to 4 stages with reduced rounds. Numbers down quite a bit. One larger area club having lower attendance.
  2. It is now impacting our area. Local outdoor match in September cancelled for not enough participation. Indoor matches down to 6 or 7 people (from two squads of 10) recently. Even the local IDPA club has cut the upcoming September match from six stages to four stages with limited round count. Several people have noted that they are not shooting because of ammo situation. One large club a couple of hours north has had decreasing turnout overall.
  3. That whisky bottle is way too small. Get the Macallan 18 out for a better comparison.
  4. Two local matches recently near me: O – 4 CO – 11 L – 18 P – 9 SS – 2 PCC – 1 Only 21 showed up at this one, usually more CO and few more Open: O – 1 CO – 4 L – 6 P – 6 SS – 2 PCC – 2 Area 3 USPSA O – 67 CO – 85 L – 78 P – 55 SS – 14 PCC – 31 Comments I've heard from CO shooters tends to indicate it is the magazine capacity that draws them more than the dot (many used to be in Prod). Several shoot Lim Minor because they like the mag capacity and don't care about m
  5. Agreed, but would amend a wording change: "get involved" to "stick with". Instant gratification and frail egos are not a good combination.
  6. Shred noted; "- You might be one of those guys that wants to 'do it all themselves, their way'. " In reality, don't you have to "do it all yourself" to get better? There's a lot of competitive shooting information available online these days and a lot more opportunities for training compared to just a few years ago. But you have to practice and figure out what works best for you on your own. Having a GM watch you run a stage and give you advice on what to improve can help with essential things that can help make gains faster relative to "doing it all by yourself," but you still hav
  7. I shot about 8 matches at an indoor range over the winter (and during Covid). We shot our first outdoor match a couple of weeks ago. The indoor range is darker (walls are dark). Lighting is a factor as noted and I noticed, as Rowdy pointed out, that I was not running as fast on the slippery cement floor. It wasn't until the third stage at the outdoor range match that it dawned on me that I was moving at the indoor range pace (habit). When targets are toward the back of the indoor range and especially along the walls or if there are partials, I have to take a bit more time on sight
  8. I reviewed the last match results of a club about two hours away. 25 Limited shooters and 16 of them shot minor. (13 out of about 60 shot Production). I reviewed the last match results from a club about an hour away. 15 Limited shooters and 13 of them shot minor. (2 out of about 26 shot Production). Looks like lots of newer shooters, as noted by several of us, don't want to put a dot on, don't want to reload, nor mess with .40. At local matches I don't think most people really care about the major scoring advantage. Competitive shooters that spend the time to train percei
  9. First outdoor match in our club in months. Seven Limited shooters and all seven shot Lim Minor. My perception is that they do not want to shoot CO, but do not want to mess with mag changes in Production. One guy was shooting a CZ TSO in 9mm so must like Lim Minor.
  10. Mike: Good point, but I've noticed that the classifier stage choices for matches and "Super Classifier" matches tend to vary a lot among various clubs. I agree that the "hero or zero" fix would be not dropping classifier runs. I've seen several local shooters trying to move up in classification using that technique and so far the prize still eludes them because they will get a run that was not zeroed, but dropped their average a bit. In order to have one exact set of standards for the country--we would have to all shoot a "postal match" using the same classifiers. If I
  11. Interesting thread. Performance based classification (from match placement) is probably not feasible for a variety of reasons. I guess that people want "their colored belts." I remember years ago when I was taking Judo that there was only a white belt, brown belt, and black belt. The elder black belt Sensei told us that you do not ask to get tested. He awarded a belt after you earned it from matches and when he felt that you were ready to receive it (usually a minimum of 5 years before you could get a black belt). I see Taekwondo students at the gym getting various colored belts and some peopl
  12. The responses in this thread answer your question for you and should not surprise you. This question alone answered your original question; "Would I be correct in guessing that you're below A class in rank and shoot this sport 'for fun'?" A sport is for "fun." You can probably count the number of "paid professionals" in this sport that make a decent living from it on both hands with fingers to spare. Some competitors take it "more seriously" than others and therein lies some of the friction.
  13. I think the company formerly called STI is riding the "John Wick" wave. I have a Marauder (9mm) and an Edge (40) still, but they are likely going to go to another home at some point. There has been a Staccato XL (9mm) sitting on the shelf at a local gun shop for over two months (right next to a Staccato P in 9mm). The XL has a better trigger and slide fit, but, as noted by several posters above, $3500 would buy a steel gripped semi-custom gun and few USPSA shooters are going to spend $3500 for a Limited Minor gun. I lost faith in STI when the first batch of the new gen magazines ca
  14. I put in the PD extended firing pin and have had no further light strike issues testing at least 400 rounds of different variety ammo. I did add the PD palm swell aluminum grips. They are really aggressive. I have a couple of small roughed up skin patches on my support hand, especially on the left thumb pad. I need to find out how to smooth down a couple of areas without zapping the anodized coating if possible. I have not been able to use it in a match yet, but I like it so far. I think it balances better for me than the Shadow 2.
  15. Stock Master is basically a Stock 3 with slide cuts and a bull (cone) barrel. I like it. Shot about 150 rounds so far. Accurate.
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