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  1. I am using my AR in close quarters matches locally. I started out with the Bushnell 1xMP (cost issues at the time) and have found that the T-dot reticle is too "busy" for my eye shooting on the clock. My decision, after much research, is to go to the Vortex Strikefire 2. My first question is have any of you used the red dot only model? I was leaning in that direction as I have never found the situation where the green reticle on my Bushnell looked like the way to go and I couldn't see a need for it on the Vortex. The longer battery life and brighter options sound positive to me, but I haven't been able to compare the two (red/green and red only) side by side to see if that holds up in actual use. I would appreciate your thoughts on the matter. Secondly, for any of you that use red dot optics on your competition ARs, what range are you zeroing them to? I had my Bushnell dialed in for 100 yards and had to aim low in the CQ matches. The matches I shoot aren't scored by zone, just hit/miss, so exact precision isn't really the issue. My concern is that my rifle is set up for competition as well as defense and I don't want to hamstring myself for either use. Thank you for your time and thoughts. Ruffy
  2. I'm tuning my AR for local level 3 gun matches and was wanting to get my red dot optic (close quarters matches) moved into a more forward position. Currently, I have a knight's armament M4 RAS on the rifle. I was wondering if anyone has experience with these rails to know if they are stable enough to move the optic to the rear of the rail. The rifle in working with is a Sig M400 carbine with an A2 front sight. If the M4 RAS isn't stable enough to mount to, can anyone suggest another rail that would allow me to accomplish my goal? I do realize that my rail isn't, perhaps, the best choice available for a competition rifle. My personal philosophy is to set up all my guns to be able to do yeoman duty as fighting guns, though, so I tune with that in mind. Thanks! Ruffy Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  3. I clocked myself so hard in the chin that I was trying to engage targets through the stars I was seeing. I was supposed to engage the last two rifle targets in the stage with three rounds each. Let's call them targets 1 and 2. I had engaged targets 3, 4, 5, and 6 from the previous position. I had intended to go prone, hit target 2 then shift left and hit target 1. Slid into prone (looks really good on the video; one fluid motion, transitioning from full run to prone on the fly and coming to a complete stop as was reacquiring my sight picture) hit chin, engaged target 2, shifted right and engaged target 3. Apparently, target 1 had hidden behind the stars I was seeing from eating my rifle stock. I only realized what had happened when the score keeper told me I had three misses. I asked him where and he told me target 1 was untouched. "But you turned target 3 into swiss cheese. There were six hits in it." Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  4. Ok, just in case anyone here isn't thoroughly familiar with the AR15 platform, it is worth noting that a 30 round magazine extends further down than the grip of the rifle. This is most relevant to bear in mind when one is sliding rapidly into a prone position in the middle of a stage, wielding said rifle. Failing to keep this in mind can result in the magazine striking the ground very firmly, causing the stock to rise rapidly. On a related note, my chin hurts. Ruffy
  5. Gang, I use a Remington 1100 Tactical (what they call the Tac-4 now) as my match shotgun in local 3 gun matches. I have been going through my match firearms and upgrading the triggers with the aim to get them all right around 4lbs pull and crisp. No issues finding and installing upgrades in the pistol or AR, but the only option I see for the Remington 1100 is the Timney sear. I was hoping to find some folks that have done trigger upgrades on 1100 shotguns. Are there other options that I haven't seen yet? If not, can anyone tell me from first hand experience their thoughts on the Timney upgrade sear? Thanks for your time. Ruffy
  6. ruffinit

    Short funny jokes

    So, why does no one laugh at lawyer jokes? Lawyers don't think they're funny and nobody else thinks they're jokes. (mother's a retired lawyer and that's the only lawyer joke she EVER laughed at)
  7. I'm trying to find a source for 380 lead bullets at a decent price. I found someone that had 1000 for fifty bucks this morning but now I can't find it again. Ruffy Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  8. Hey gang. I just found this forum recently and was having so much fun reading the humor section that I had to join in and play too. I have been a shooter for 20+ years and a reloader for about 12. I formerly shot Cowboy Action, but had to take several years off of shooting competitively after losing a good job and having to take a serious pay cut to get something else. Recently, we got back to where our finances would permit us to begin shooting competition again and we decided to take up with a group of former CAS shooters that started a 3 gun group here in NC. I am a ham radio operator, motorcycle enthusiast, cigar fan, and generally politically incorrect, good natured guy. I am hoping to make some new friends here on the forum (and perhaps face to face, as well) like I did when I first started shooting CAS. Ruffy
  9. Ok. First, thank you to all of you that shared on this post. I have just spent a very entertaining (albeit a bit frightening) couple of hours reading this from start to finish. I consider myself very lucky that the private gun stores near me seem to employ people willing to tell you that they don't know and grab another employee that is more familiar with what you are asking about. Perhaps, I don't appreciate them enough. (or didn't before reading this thread) The only story that I have to add comes from the seller's side of the counter courtesy of my girlfriend. She and I have been shooting together for many years now including Cowboy Action, and recently a bit of 3 gun. I make all our ammo and over the years, she has picked up a fair bit of reloading information from me (I'm no expert by my judgement, but I have managed to not blow us up in 10 years of loading ammo). She worked for a while at a local big box sporting goods retailer that also sold reloading supplies. She is a 5' tall, slightly built woman and often had trouble with customers not wanting to be helped with firearm purchases by her. One the one occasion that really merits telling here, she was working with only one other employee (male) in the firearm/reloading section of the store when a customer walked up to the counter directly in front of her and begins loudly calling "Hey, buddy!" to the male employee (who was working with another customer at the time). She asked the fellow politely if she could assist him. He declined and began again calling loudly to the other employee across her shoulder. After a minute or two of this, she politely (the girl is an angel) explains to the customer that the other employee is busy with another customer and she would be happy to help him with whatever he needs. He (a bit rudely) says he will just wait on the other employee. After several minutes go by, the male employee finishes with the other customer and finally gets to the person that was calling out for him. My girlfriend and the other employee shared a quick look (they were used to this sort of thing by now, unfortunately) as he walks up beside her. She turned away from the customer and resumed stocking product that they had received that day and had yet to get put away as the male employee asks the customer what he needed help with. "I need some help with reloading stuff." the customer tells him. "You need her then." the employee says and turns and walks away again. Apparently, the customer was acting both stunned and sheepish while my girlfriend got him sorted out and on his way with what he needed. (No one else in the store did ANY reloading so my girlfriend helped where she could and would reach out to me or one of our shooting buddies when she was hit with questions she couldn't answer.) This story was told to me by the male employee the next time I visited them in the store. He said it was all he could do not to laugh in the jerk's face when he saw the stunned look the customer gave him when he told him he should be talking to my girlfriend. Ruffy
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