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  1. I totally forgot to add this. So anyway I replaced the trigger/bow with a new one and she shot up to spec. I compared the measurements on the trigger bow and found that the old one had been bent slightly. I suspect it was from when the gun was loaned out and the shooter not used to the light trigger and kept pulling it way too hard.
  2. Sorry for the late response guys been really busy. But anyway I removed the slide and inserted a mag inspected to find the front of the trigger bow is contacting the front portion of the magazine. Before I saw that I was thinking it may be the side of the bow rubbing on the mags but it was not. I proceed to fully disassemble the lower to find everything looked good. I inspected the trigger bow for any burs or tweaks in the shape and it looked good. I cleaned and lubbed all parts then reassembled her. I dry fired many times and was unable to duplicate the original hard trigger pull with a magazine in. For the record I tested with the same 126mm and 140mm mags before and after. I'm not sure what to think at this point. I was hoping to find a smoking gun to replace a part or two but found nothing. I will see how she runs at the range this weekend.
  3. Cool thanks for the responses. I am currently out of town on business so I can't work on the pistol. I will tear her down when I get home in few days and post the findings.
  4. Removing the top end for a better view of the mag inside the gun is a good idea. The guns age and round count is unknown. It's a friends back up gun he loaned me. The trigger looks stock other then a tune it received when it was first bought. I took on the project to study and lean what I can on the 2011 platform. So far I really like them and I'm going to buy my own soon.
  5. I have a 2011 edge chambered in .40 and have a trigger issue. The trigger will some times be very difficult to pull while a mag is in. I have tried a few different mags with the same result. With the mag well empty it is a very pleasant 2.5lb crisp trigger. I am tempted to buy one of those trigger bow stirrup die to check the bow but thought I would see if anyone has ever had this experience first. When I look into the mag well I can't see anything obvious. Also the mags drop free as is they are not hanging up on the bow.
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