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  1. I find it strange that "kneelingatlas" and "thompsoncustom" (which have probably owned more cz's then everyone else in this thread combined) havent broke a single slide stop and there running both ends of the extreme minor and major. So what is the difference between what these guys are doing and everyone else?
  2. Sounds like it doesnt need modified at all its where it should be now. Maybe someone else will chime in with some ideas but i would blame the extra weight from the optic mixed with the weak ammo.
  3. Yes but where/how you need to angle depends on your current ejection pattern. With say 150pf ammo where exactly does your ammo land? Is it at a straight 90 degree angle from you or is it landing behind or infront of you?
  4. Hows the ejector tip and extractor claw look? The ex-power extractor spring causes more harm than issues it fixes. Cases should be ejecting a good couple feet even at 125pf.
  5. tanfoglio makes them. Another good option would be a cz sp-01 platform
  6. A comp is by far way better than ports alone. If you want you could add both to try and keep the gun even flatter but I wouldn't waste my time with magna porting it. Slap a good comp on it and if you want it even flatter add 3 or 4 straight vertical popple holes in the top.
  7. ya it seems kind of weird with aftermarket hammer and barrel bushing being legal in some production guns but it looks like to me that magazine releases haven't been add to the exception....yet
  8. Which CO dot has the biggest glass?
  9. If its legal in production then its legal in CO
  10. Thats great news. I have a pad that needs a new retainer but havent got one yet since i didn't want to spend 9 bucks on the plate and another 9 to ship something that weights maybe 1/4 of a oz
  11. Thats awesome. Ive been there and not had enough light before next time im make sure i try using my truck.
  12. The only reason it would cause a problem is if you had so much crimp that u shaved the coated but it sounds like youve checked that so you should be good to go.
  13. I started with hi tek gold but if i remember right for some reason with 9mm and bulleye it would lead. Powder coating fixed the problem and i never went back.
  14. Found something like this at a match the other day. Someone shot a 380 acp through a 9mm but it must have worked.
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