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  1. Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to reach out and announce that this Saturday the Prime Ammunition Multi-Gun series will be continuing at Core Shooting Solutions in Baker, FL

    You can register for the match at the link below.


    We will have demo shotguns available for anyone who doesn't own one and still wants to compete.

    This has been a growing series for CORE that has promoted and grown the sport in Northwest Florida. The competition has great but we encourage all levels of experience to compete.

    Thanks again to everyone in the BE forums who have helped us with the support.


  2. Its here, This Saturday 4.16.2016 CORE Shooting Solutions​ hosts the second match in the 2016 PRIME Ammunition​ Multi-Gun Series. All experience levels are invited to compete. This event is the 2nd match in the 6 match series sponsored by Seekins Precision​ Armageddon Gear​ American Precision Arms​ And Vortex Optics. Thank you to everyone who has helped push and develop this series into what it has become and huge thanks to everyone here @brianenos and Nick Siesser for all of the help and support.

    You can register at


    Below is a little taste...

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