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  1. I installed the Bolo, hammer spring, fp spring, with awesome results. Sent from my SM-G935W8 using Tapatalk
  2. Appreciate the info ARy. From your info, my gut says start at 1.16" and drop by 0.01". See what happens and what groupings look like. Tweak from there if needed.
  3. In my SF Stock II Xtreme, I was able to plunk and spin a 124gr RN at 1.175" OAL. Needless to say, this gives me a lot of play room to come up with a nice round, but does it need a ream? Also, what length should I start at and go down, 1.165"?
  4. What's the consensus when you put the hammer spring back in. Do you give it a nice liberal coat of oil, or does it require a good coating of grease?
  5. PD's Optimized 14lb. Took all the yellow off.
  6. You know when you think you are all done, then think back and say, "What if....?" I had some down time today, and the "What if..." led me to toatally strip the pistol down and polish the plunger and hammer spring to a nice gloss. I polished up the inner walls of the spring wells. Put everything back together and....... Get this, an average of 10 pulls, I got 4lb 12.6oz DA and 1lb 5oz SA. Now to work on case length.
  7. Merry Christmas everybody! Joe, I am proud to note that this SF is now an exclusive PD resurected pistol. Un "Flippin" believable! Going back to a stock plunger spring made a HUGE difference. Just raised the bar utilizing the Bolo.This Tanfo now breaks like my 1911! The little pre travel has been reduced even more, and when the trigger resets, it stops right there. Delivering nothing but a smile on your face on the next SA pull. This alone trumps the minimal pull weight increase in DA. As expected, and not an issue what so ever, DA did jump up ever so slightly from 5lb 3.5oz to 5lb 4.9oz., but unexpectedly, SA dropped from 1lb 14.2oz to 1lb 11.1oz. Pencil test showed that with the reduced plunger spring, the pencil flew 14 3/4", and when I put the stock plunger spring back in, it dropped to 12 1/2'. Anyone wish to comment on this? Again, with the 14lb Hammer Spring installed. ARy as to your comment " You didn't read anything here, because it's been widely discussed not to use anything other than the stock plunger spring with the bolo" I know I read it somewhere where you stated that one could use a CGW reduced firing pin spring on the plunger. I just don't have the time to look for it, and honestly, it doesn't matter. I was just experimenting. Memphis, i have a 550B. It allows seating a primer up to .009" below flush. Not sure if that is deep enough, but time will tell.
  8. Ok, curiosity has me. Johnbu, I will do a pencil test with current setup, then replace plunger spring back to stock and repeat. Then post what I find. ARy, not quite sure where I read about the plunger spring replacement, but I thought it was a worthy test. I guess I thought wrong. Yes, plunger has been polished, and cleaned up of any sharp edges. Memphis, Dillon is setting the primer just above flush, or slightly high. I will seat them a little deeper. Thoughts anyone about maybe putting the 13lb PD hammer spring in? Thanks!
  9. I have not tried igniting any primers , but hopefully CCI and Federal soon. The plunger spring was an option, that seemed to make sense but your caution makes sense. Memphis, is there any way to determine if the hammer falls to early?
  10. First of all I would like to thank all of you here that have posted "TriggerTuning Tips". I have had some amazing results and i would like to share. I have a brand new, and so called, " Factory Hand Tuned", Small Frame Xtreme Stock 2 that had a brutal 9.5lb DA and a 4.5lb SA. Yuck! A major polish and off I go to PD and Henning for some parts. Thank you Joe & Henning for all your help! Bolo Interuptor (Drop In-Didn't touch a thing) Optimized Reduced Power : Sear Spring, Trigger Return Spring, Firing Pin Spring, & 12lb Hammer Spring Xtreme Sear (Touched up by Mr Joe himself) 10lb Recoil Spring Henning 19lb Trigger Plunger Spring Check this out...........4lb 5.6oz smooth travel DA and a crisp, clean breaking, 1lb 8.2oz SA with a short reset, and vitually no SA creep. SWEET! Needless to say, I am extremely happy with the outcome. With a little room on the DA/SA and wanting to bank a harder primer hit, I replaced the 12lb Hammer Spring with the 14lb spring. DA incresased to a respectable 5lb 3.5oz.and the SA to 1lb 14.2oz. Thanks again!
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