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  1. Because you can, and don’t see a reason to leave live ammo on the ground/floor.
  2. I get it, but part of my routine after my run is to take out all magazines (even if I didn’t need to use them), and top them off.
  3. Or the 7 other people...
  4. Another for the strong support hand. Basically, the best way I have heard to describe it is: Strong hand, hold it like you would a hammer. Support hand, CRUSH it! As much as you can without shaking.
  5. With a 10mm Allen wrench on the front strap No sock, no wrench Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  6. I have the same issue with my Tanfo, even with palm swell grips. Ended up putting a grip sock on it.... I’d like to add something under the sock on the front strap, but it gets me closer P.S. keeping your thumb on the safety will give you more room.
  7. Put mag on belt Flip/catch Hold open until told to drop hammer/pull trigger Drop hammer Holster
  8. I compete, and have carried my Tanfo Lim Pro. In both production and Carry Optics mode. Just pulled the trigger (very punny) on a CZ P-07 with the threaded barrel. It is my project to make the ultimate CCW gun. Size of a 3.8” gun, but with a 4.3” barrel (likely will try a comp on it), lighter than my Lim Pro (only benefit there is comfort), and I can set it up to use the safety instead of the de-cocker (one I figure out how I’m going to build up that tiny safety). Will eventually be adding a Holosun 507 Best part is it is nearly identical in size/shape as my Lim Pro. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  9. Thought I read somewhere that the IWI Jerico was, at least at one time or another, made by Tanfoglio. Any truth to this? Any interchangeable parts? Any information on IWI Jerico pistols all? Thanks!
  10. You could always get something made by Red Hill Tactical or another custom shop just tell them to make it an IWB.They already make the holsters for competition, putting a belt clip on would be easy.
  11. “Oil eater”, and if it’s really bad, a brass brush. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  12. Edit: time of wear test was 2 minute, not 5. Next tests will be 30 second intervals x5 rounds at a speed as close to 20 FPS as possible. Last test calculated to only around 12 FPS.
  13. That’s a good idea. I may well add that to the test. Might look at it like the guy that cleans and lubes every trip to the range, vs. the guys that clean after more than a few thousand rounds. Do note though, the thickest oil performed almost identically to the thinnest synthetic auto Lube.
  14. The test method was designed to closer replicate what is going on with a gun. Specifically, a semi auto. Most wear tests use an oil reservoir. Guns don’t (cars do). It tests wear resistance, and how well your lubricant will keep working without a constant supply. Take it for what it is worth, for some that means nothing. For me, it is a reliable and repeatable test that closer represents wear in firearms. For the above question, the T-6 was the 5w-40, and did do the best. One other feature of the T-6 (that I don’t know how to test) is that it deals well with soot. Mobil SHC 634 was very close, but this is a very thick industrial oil that probably isn’t best for keeping fast moving parts moving fast. As for the results and what they mean, again, they might not mean much. I have used CorrosionX exclusively for years without any signs of failure. It didn’t do great on the wear test, but it did OK. Surprises were Frog Lube and XP222 grease. Both did poorly. When applied as directed, the Frog Lube was low friction, but high wear... it didn’t last. Using it like oil, it did better, but I’m not sure how long it would stay put... it’s very thin. Xp222 was the worst grease, hardly any better than nothing. Thinner greases faired better. Kroil was another surprise. I didn’t expect it to do as well as it did. Others have sworn by it, so I added it to the test. Clearly, synthetic oils worked the best. So that’s what I use on wear probe parts. CorrosionX on everything else. Your mileage may vary.... or not.
  15. As mentioned, it is possible that none of this really matters. That said, if it does, these are the results of my wear testing. If you are not familiar with some of these lubricants, ask me and I’ll give more detail. Tests were done with a rotating smooth steel rotor on a section of steel bar stock. All had the same amount of pressure and ran for the same amount of time (I have to find my notes, but I believe it was 5 minutes) at 700 RPM. This is different from some other tests as I did not maintain a supply of oil or grease to the parts. Parts were wetted, what stayed stayed, what didn’t didn’t... just as it would on a gun.
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