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  1. Seems like from what I hear in here and talking to a local smith everything is normal. Functions beautifully. Just something I was not ussed to. I have heard that alot about infinity grips and sti. Nightmare to fit but I got it and looks good. Thanx all for the help..
  2. I've just played around with it some more. I just went for it and pinned the MSH in just to see how it functions. Seems to function well. But when in the fired position the hammer is solid against the back of this slide. Is this normal or ok? Should I maybe take some off the bottom of the strut? If left the way it is could I eventually crack the hammer? Might just be over thinking things here.
  3. And also I'm having this issue with the slide off
  4. My bad misunderstood. That's what I mean. It's in the fired position. Not cocked. And I still have engagement
  5. Mine looks exactly like yours but with the hammer up.
  6. Im in the process of fitting an infinity stainles steel grip to an STI EXECUTIVE. I notice now when I slide the MSH up it engages the hammer strut before it's fully in place. Strut is in cup. Seems to put a lot of pressure on the hammer making trigger pull crazy hard. Is it normal to have to fit a strut? Any help would be appreciated. Also I'm using the infinity ignition kit (infinity hammer, sear, disconnect, and 3 finger).
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