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  1. 858

    TSO fail during reload

    Let me rephrase, the stock springs and followers were not designed to work with extensions. The OP's TSO didn't fail. FWIW I get 25 rounds in TS mags with Springer extensions and Grams kits.
  2. 858

    TSO fail during reload

    The stock springs and followers were not designed to work with extensions.
  3. I wet tumble with wash and wax and don't feel the need for lube.
  4. 858

    New CZC Gun

    $45 magazines instead of $15 magazines. May as well buy a TS.
  5. Someone makes a purpose built spring system to tension the MBF. Anyone here have a link?
  6. Is your ejector wire completely seated?
  7. Technically that is too much bell. You shouldn't need that much with FMJ. The brass shavings won't hurt anything if you don't want to back off the expander.
  8. After reading this thread maybe I should buy a lottery ticket. I just dump primers in my machine and it puts them in the tube. Fiocchi and Winchester just move right along. If I turn the speed up too far it'll put primers in upside down.
  9. Too much case expansion. You're probably shaving brass in the seating die, not the crimp die.
  10. 858

    Double Alpha X mag pouch issues?

    I like mine. Get them tight and use thread locker, no drama. My only complaint is the M4 screws for the belt attachment were low quality and the heads stripped. I emailed DAA and they sent me new screws. I replaced them with Grade 10.9 M4 from Mcmaster Carr however.
  11. 858

    12 miles in Boombah Hellcats in a single day..

    My Boombahs don't feel stiff. Maybe they're just not right for the shape of your feet?
  12. Is the ejector wire dragging the shell plate? The primer feed has rotated completely by the top of the stroke. If the primer is hitting the shell plate when seating, and the shell plate is aligned, then something is physically stopping the plate from moving. An improperly bent ejector wire can put pressure on the shell plate.
  13. 858

    New TSO and Shadow2

    No recoil, feels like cheating.
  14. 858

    New TSO and Shadow2

    You can't run 9mm with the 40 barrel in, so yes, the 40 barrel is out.
  15. 858

    New TSO and Shadow2

    The TSO is half the price and you can work on it yourself. On a separate note, it's officially the off season so the 9mm barrel came out. I forgot how ridiculous the TSO is converted to 9mm.