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  1. 858

    SP01 magwell?

  2. Not on a 650. The decapping pin protrudes through the shell plate and ram. The other stations do not have cut outs for the primer chute.
  3. 858

    Maybe my first problem with my TSO?????

    I go about 7k to 8k rounds between cleaning. Just add a little oil. I have better things to do than cleaning guns.
  4. 858

    CZ TSO Holster

    Alpha X
  5. 858

    Tell me why this is stupid

    I think the magazines are the limiting factor, like the CZ75 based open guns. If you can MIG weld it shouldn't be a problem.
  6. You can build up the spend primer container with masking tape and the primers stop falling out. Entirely Crimson makes a very nice replacement live primer chute.
  7. I switched to DAA powder funnel in 9mm and it resolved my sticking issues. Loading .355 instead of .356 allows less flare and consequently less sticking. Wet tumbling with wash and wax combo helps as well.
  8. 858

    Reaming Shadow Barrel

    I bought the correct Manson reamer from Brownells and carefully reamed my own chamber.
  9. 858

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    Yes, all of my Grams kits (six). If you need better instructions call the Springer shop and ask. I just took a bastard file and took a few swipes off at a time checking the follower moves freely.
  10. 858

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    The followers are draggin inside of the magazine. You have to file the front of follower back until they sit proud with the magazine loaded.
  11. 858

    TSO fail during reload

    Let me rephrase, the stock springs and followers were not designed to work with extensions. The OP's TSO didn't fail. FWIW I get 25 rounds in TS mags with Springer extensions and Grams kits.
  12. 858

    TSO fail during reload

    The stock springs and followers were not designed to work with extensions.
  13. I wet tumble with wash and wax and don't feel the need for lube.
  14. 858

    New CZC Gun

    $45 magazines instead of $15 magazines. May as well buy a TS.
  15. Someone makes a purpose built spring system to tension the MBF. Anyone here have a link?