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  1. I broke one of the replacement slide stop pins I made from an air hammer pin around 25K rounds. The pistol didn't stop running, I found it when I took the slide off.
  2. All pistol powder is shotgun powder. E3 is excellent and since it is so fast it isn't very popular. You can pretty much find it any time.
  3. I just looked around and I can buy E3, coated lead .40 and 9mm bullets, and WSP primers. Despite the ammo demand I can still purchase all of the components I normally would. I word of advice for new reloaders, don't buy supplies as needed, buy them a year or two at a time. Not only does it allow you to take advantage of sales but it prevents you from running out when there are demand increases or supply shortages.
  4. Something that isn't quantifiable in that spreadsheet is that regardless of price, in a high demand market you may not be able to buy ammo at all whereas reloading components may be readily available. Price may have no bearing on the buying decision, only availability. Take a look at the California and the quarantine, a few areas had gun shops deemed non-essential (I'm not sure it ever went into effect) so ammunition transfers were in jeopardy. Catching fish versus buying them. One option is empowered, the other is dependant.
  5. 858

    TSO Magazines

    CZ Custom spring and followers with Spring Precision base pads.
  6. 858

    A01 LD for Limited

    Looks like P09 magazines so small frame. The TSO will have a longer grip front to back. It looks like a nice pistol, I'd like to try one out.
  7. 858

    A01 LD for Limited

    What magazines does it use? P09?
  8. 858

    A01 LD for Limited

    What is the magazine capacity? Small frame, correct?
  9. You're not dealing with bare lead bullets though.
  10. .400 is not undersized, .401 is oversized. .356 is oversized too. Unless you specifically have problems with .400 or .355 (inaccuracy or low muzzle velocity) there is no reason to use oversized bullets.
  11. 40SW/10mm Auto is a straight walled cartridge, it shouldn't look like a coke bottle. 9mmP is a tapered cartridge and should have a shape that can cause the bullet to slightly bulge uniformly. If your loaded 40SW ammo has bulges you may want to look at your setup or components. Assuming you don't have any obvious press setup problems you may want to mic your bullets; some companies sell oversized bullets (.401/2) that often don't work well with some sizing and expanding die combinations. 40SW should be one of the easiest cartridges to reload due to the straight wall and relatively small amount of cartridge variations in the market (almost all 40SW brass is the same, no crimps, steps, etc).
  12. This is not a bigger primer system per say but certainly adds functionality and capacity to the RF100. Entirely Crimson makes an adaptor that allows the RF100 to load individual primer tubes. If you want to load 1K rounds at a time without waiting for the RF100 in the middle of a session or buying extra RF100 tubes, this may work for you. I typically run the RF100 during loading session set up and all of my primers are waiting in tubes prior to beginning to load. https://entirelycrimson.com/collections/dillon-xl-650/products/rf-100-tube-adapter
  13. I don't see one but I'm just some schmoe on the internet commenting on a video.
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