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  1. Do you mean trolling? He's been posting the same tired stories for years.
  2. Cartridge overall length? My TSO and CM dislike longer 9mm cartridges with unmodified magazines. The feeding problem is less pronounced when the magazine isn't loaded to capacity. Unless you lubricated the pistol with heavy grease I don't think oil will slow slide velocity enough at 40 degrees F to alone cause feedway stoppages.
  3. Bending the springs shouldn't be that difficult. Just bend the top loop radially to the wire. Frankly, the Grams kits kind of suck too.
  4. Here is someone that doesn't know the difference between CZC and CZ.
  5. Two years ago I left a review on CZC's site mentioning the springs need bending to work and they never put the review up. They probably just overlooked it. lol.
  6. CZC refuses to tell customers up front they have to modify the springs to work in TS 40 mags. The springs are designed to "work" in ALL CZ75 and require some modification to work in TS/CM mags. Take the top loop of the spring and bend it to one side until the follower stops sticking out.
  7. Getting paid by the high bidder may be a challenge.
  8. 858


    Umm, because it isn't made by CZ.
  9. 858


    It's not a CZ.
  10. 858


    The CM has a tighter fit up than the TSO. I think the CM struggles with major power factor ammunition commonly loaded for 2011 which leads to it's reputation for poor reliability. My buddy had (I bought it) a CM that he struggled to get running right with minor power factor ammo and I had it working perfect in about 10 minutes. TSO's and CM's, as best as I can tell, don't work well with 9mm ammo loaded long. My 40 TSO is an absolute machine and never fails to function but with a 9mm barrel it chokes on anything over 1.130". Lists are subjective but here's mine, it pretty much mirr
  11. Sample size of one but my buddy's almost new (500'ish rounds) CM had feedway stoppages. I took my 9mm mags and his mags and loaded ammo for it. I ran 14 different mags; three big sticks and 11 standard mags, all untuned. The mags ranged from completely stock to OE tube with CZC spring, follower, and extension. 135gr Round nose coated lead minor loads fed 100% from all mags. 115gr Round nose FMJ minor cycled 100% from all mags. 115gr Round nose FMJ major cycled 100% from all mags. 124gr HP major had feedway stoppages. All ammo was loaded to 1.1". I threw some of the magazines in the dirt for go
  12. I have both .40 an 9mm mags. The six mags I specifically mentioned are 40 but there is no difference in construction between 40 and 9mm TS/CM mags. A loaded 9mm magazine weights pretty close to the same as a loaded 40 magazine. My 9mm TS mags have also been dropped loaded unmercifully right into the dirt and never cleaned. I have a Czechmate sitting in front of me with "magazine problems". What do you think the odds are that more than 10 magazines all have have fitment problems? My 9mm TS/CM magazines that function perfectly in my TSO measure exactly the same as the nonfunctioning
  13. I've literally dropped the same six TSO mags on the ground for three years straight without ever cleaning them. In comparison, the guys I shoot with that run the 2011 platforms scrub out their mag tubes after every stage.
  14. Are the control rib measurements inside the mag or outside the mag?
  15. Please post pictures of the incorrectly reassembled pistol.
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