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    CZ should offer a TS2 duty weapon. Rail on the dust cover and slide cut for a MRD. It would compete with the STI Stacatto.
  2. CZ must have used my long lost twin as the hand model to design their guns. The controls fit my hand size and finger lengths perfectly. I've shot plenty of 2011's and just never liked them very much. I have a TSO that I have put 40K+ rounds through and bought a CM last fall. I have them set up as identical as possible and can move between each painlessly. The CM has certainly taken more effort to make reliable than the TSO but that mainly revolved around the ammunition. Mag tuning was fairly simple and the instructions can be found in the CZ tech forum.
  3. 858


    My TSO and CM both had magwells like the TS2 in this thread. It took very little effort to blend the frames to the magwell.
  4. 858


    It's just a product line refresh to bring the TS in line with the flagship S2 product line. The only real change is aesthetics and naming conventions for the variations in the product line. If you're a TSO buyer then the standard TS2 isn't for you.
  5. Did you try shock buffs or goose oil? Let us know.
  6. Don't tell anyone, it is a well guarded secret...CZ introduced models with firing pin safeties. There isn't a single Shadow or Shadow 2 that is drop safe, extended firing pin or otherwise.
  7. That is a bolt over base failure and generally indicates the cartridge stack isn't being pushed up. I had to shorten my grams followers before they would slide through the magazine without binding. Disassemble the magazine and make sure there is clearance between the follower and the front/back of the mag.
  8. I wen through this with a SP01. Without the disconnector the pistol relies on the setscrew of the trigger to set pretravel. For whatever reason, the setscrew doesn't do a very good job and I had to add in more pretravel than the SA had prior to the new trigger. When you leave in the disconnector, the SA works the way it did before changing the trigger. This is especially important if you have a model with a firing pin safety. I have both the CZ factory pre B disconnector and a hand fit CGW disconnector. FWIW, the custom CZ builders normally leave the disconnectors in the SAO CZ75s.
  9. No, it's like leaving the correct parts in the gun so the trigger feels good and functions correctly. The disconnector controls pretravel without relying on set screws.
  10. I just got shipping notice mine is on the way.
  11. Don't remove the disconnector, just install a TS/CM trigger and leave everything else alone. https://www.armorycraft.com/shop?Collection=CZ+SAO+Adjustable+Triggers
  12. 858

    TSO conversion

    The 9mm extractor is different than the 40 extractor. However, you're converting a 40 to 9mm and the entire slide is different. I've have no problems with 9mm extraction with a 40 extractor. I wouldn't change out the extractor unless I absolutely had to.
  13. 858

    TSO conversion

    What he said.
  14. 858

    CZ TS 2

    It only looks like aesthetic changes to me. The current TSO comes with all of the features the TS2 Green is shown with on CZ's site.
  15. 858

    CZ TS 2

    Did someone say they wanted another TS holster?
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