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  1. That looks like you have too much case flare and the case is interfering inside the seating die. I had the same problem when trying to load .401 bullets. To prevent bullet shaving I had to use too much flare. Switching to .400 allowed me to use less flare. The Redding seating die is even more sensitive to the case flare because the barrel of the die is tighter than other brands. You do have a concentricity issue, how you resolve it seams to be the question. I'm not familiar with the LnL press or Hornady dies but I'd probably order some sample bullet packs and see what fits your setup and gun. I only shoot .400 and .355 bullets now, oversized bullets just cause too many problems.
  2. 40SW is a straight wall case, there should be no bulge of any kind. 40SW should be boringly easy to reload without any of the idiosyncrasies of 9mm. This is probably an issue with your seating stem. Does the bullet fit into the stem taper or is it seating from the nose of the bullet? If it is seating from the bullet tip you may need to modify the stem.
  3. 858

    LOK Grips for Czechmate

    Unless you have aluminum grips and you're worried about the anodizing, you can make any set of LOK grips fit any CZ75/TS platform. All it takes is a small saw and a file or sand paper. G10 is very soft.
  4. I'd cut down a standard set of grips. I fit mine on my Shadow and they are tight as can be. As easy as it is to work with G10 I'd rather have the oversized grips and make them work. Here is what the grips look like that I cut down, they should be the same fit as your TS.
  5. You need better friends I guess. It always surprises me when someone says they still shoot IDPA, much less on purpose.
  6. Say what now? The TSO is used primarily for Limited in 40 and 3-Gun for 9mm.
  7. You don't need an SAO in limited since you start the stage in single action. I'd leave it alone for the next time you shoot production or sell it and buy another proper limited pistol.
  8. Looks like a melted down Skoda.
  9. It's not just that the packaging is 150 qty, the rows are 8 each with one row of six on one end. The packaging count is a total pain in the butt to deal with since almost all of the equipment I use is made for 100 qty increments. I had one bad primer in 10500.
  10. The primers work great, the 150rd packaging is terrible and made me switch back to Winchester.
  11. Not on a 650. The decapping pin protrudes through the shell plate and ram. The other stations do not have cut outs for the primer chute.
  12. I go about 7k to 8k rounds between cleaning. Just add a little oil. I have better things to do than cleaning guns.
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