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  1. Shoot what works best for you. I have a couple of M&Ps and they're fine pistols.
  2. 858

    Should I clean my TSO?

    You already know this is a logical fallacy, are you trying to lob in a slow ball so I can crush it into the parking lot? 2011s dominate IPSC in Europe...wait...what...
  3. 858

    Should I clean my TSO?

    Nope, it's fun watching the cleaning dogma come out. You conflate cleaning with maintenance though. If you just said you prefer a clean pistol there wouldn't be much to say but the story about feeling differences invites debate. I have several CZs sitting on my bench in various states of cleanliness so its not like I can't plainly check for myself. Frankly I think most of you don't know and just repeat what you've always heard or done. The gun only needs four or five drops of lubricant in various places so short of mud doesn't get filthy as you implied. Perhaps if you load bare lead with Titegroup but I've already specified that's not what I'm doing. Eventually this pistol will be relegated to practice only because it will begin to wear out, the wear will not be from lack of cleaning. Contrary to what you think, scheduled maintenance is performed and parts are changed as necessary. Thus far only springs have needed changing.
  4. 858

    Should I clean my TSO?

    I was hoping for something more than an emotional response. Give me the steak, hold the sizzle. It appears the mechanical reliability of most 2011s is less than one magazine while the TS is somewhere beyond 10k rounds with decent ammo.
  5. 858

    Should I clean my TSO?

    I went 8k rounds prior to cleaning my TSO last time. You guys crack me up. If we went by all of the negative crap on the internet my sights, firing pin, barrel, and slide lock would all be broken.
  6. 858

    Should I clean my TSO?

    No it won't. The chrono RO pulled the trigger and smiled impressed yesterday. 9/10 of the crap I read on the internet is completely made up.
  7. 858

    Should I clean my TSO?

    N320 and now E3.
  8. 858

    Should I clean my TSO?

    I haven't cleaned my TSO since last year, I just put a little oil on it and keep going. I've shot three matches every month and approximately 1k rounds per month in practice. Major matches in there too. I finished a state match this weekend, every 2011 on my squad malfunctioned in some way. I saw magazines getting scrubbed out between stages. I almost feel guilty...almost.
  9. Another shooting buddy has 40k rounds through his S2 in a little over two years. I think he cleans it every 10k rounds too. Cleaning is overrated. Keep your chin up.
  10. I haven't lubed my TSO in months or cleaned it this entire year. My shooting partner shoots a TS and his maintenance schedule is the same. We shot eight stages today without a single malfunction. I haven't had a malfunction this entire year nor has my partner. I watched a $3.5k 2011 fire a round closing the slide with the slide stop yesterday. Every single 2011 on the squad today malfunctioned at least once. I have some extra parts, I think they have belly button lint mixed in with them but I haven't looked in the bag for months so who knows. Shoot more, screw with your pistol less.
  11. Is your rear sight adjusted toward the bottom of the slide or does it sit higher up?
  12. The same two or three pictures get posted regularly meanwhile I have 20k rounds through my TSO in 20 months and my only stoppages are ammo related. It's kind of boring really.
  13. My 650 priming system works great. Matter of fact, the entire press works great. Entirely Crimson sells a primer chute that replaces the ski jump.
  14. 858

    Shadow 2 extended firing pin

    You can do all of that and in the end you will have only wasted your time. The XL650 primer seating punch seats primers just fine for ignition on non fooled with guns (assuming your shell plate is adjusted correctly).
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