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  1. All I see going for it is cheap mags. Otherwise I'd rather have a built 2011 or a TSO. Mixing a 2011 with a CZ75 is a big waste.
  2. I can hear the crying now about the light trigger.
  3. 858

    Make ts trigger heavier?

    My TSO trigger is well below 1lb and has never gone off on it's own. Unless the gun goes off on it's own this is a training issue. My Shadow has a 1.2lb trigger and there is no difference on target between it and my TSO 8oz trigger (as in .5lb). If you're uncomfortable dial in more over travel and practice prepping the trigger. If you feel like it's defective I'm sure CZ would be happy to take a look.
  4. 858

    Make ts trigger heavier?

    The Internet: I demand a 1911, glass rod breaking, trigger! Also The Internet: Practicing is for suckers and I almost shot myself, I hate this gun!
  5. 858

    SAO vs DA SA

    The setup I described above is well below 3lb...more like 1.5lb. It's pretty sharp though and enough take up to prevent ND's. It's actually harder to tune a shadow up to 3lbs because the race parts are good.
  6. 858

    SAO vs DA SA

    I'm aware. The stock Shadow TRS isn't weak. If the guy wants a crisp trigger a heavy mainspring helps while a lighter mainspring hurts. The reset is pretty good as is. I assume OP doesn't want to cut hammer hooks or angle the sear which is why I suggested the CGW sear.
  7. 858

    SAO vs DA SA

    The factory race hammer, CGW sear, and 16lb mainspring will get you there.
  8. 858

    SAO vs DA SA

    That's pretty overrated. I have a Pre B disco and it's so close to the T3 I fit I wouldn't even bother. I took out the CGW race hammer and fit T3 and went back to the CZUB factory race hammer and Pre B disco. If you're not practicing prep'ing the trigger in dryfire you're wrong anyway so an extra 1/16" or 1/32" of pretravel is meaningless. The reset on my S1 SAO is shorter than my TSO.
  9. 858

    SAO vs DA SA

    This gun now has a flat trigger and Shadow Orange safety, went back to the CZUB hammer and disco too. SA is mushy with lower weight mainsprings, I've got a 13lb in it and and the pull weight is 1.2lb. I hadn't shot it in two years (never in a match either) and still managed to pull a high A classifier this weekend shooting Limited Minor. It's a fun pistol but I hardly ever shoot 9mm.
  10. 858

    TS 40 Feeding Issue

    Compared to CZC spring and followers. The OP has CZC basepads, they have a second piece of metal inside the BP for the tool-less disassembly feature. The CZC followers are thinner than Grams for a reason. I can squeeze 21+1 using Springer extensions and CZC spring/follower combo. I have Grams kits sitting here in front of me, the Grams kits lose capacity.
  11. 858

    TS 40 Feeding Issue

    I took out my grams kits. They are not better and you will lose capacity.
  12. I had some mags that dragged inside the frame. The mags would contact the lowest opening of the frame where the mags taper from double to single stack. I polished away the frame coating with a rubber cratex bit and the mags function flawlessly now.
  13. Shoot what works best for you. I have a couple of M&Ps and they're fine pistols.
  14. 858

    Should I clean my TSO?

    You already know this is a logical fallacy, are you trying to lob in a slow ball so I can crush it into the parking lot? 2011s dominate IPSC in Europe...wait...what...
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