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  1. TY93975 for USPSA classifier record. SLPSA / LTD search on practiscore if you want to track local placings. This approach to live- an dry-fire helped me a lot. I'm around 89%-92% calibration for Limited currently and feel like dryfire is around 80% as real and as enjoyable as live-fire. I've definitely noticed that realism percentage go up with the skill, I think around 90% should be possible when/if I hit a stable solid GM performance.
  2. Basically my whole non-live-fire (gym, field and dry-fire) lower body routine these days. https://youtu.be/-knrUZ03D24
  3. I always compete from AIWB and have a crazy dream of making a GM with that (currently A-class). On my favourite practice drill - El Pres - it adds quite a lot of time. So I have to have good draw and reload. So far the only thing I'm missing to make hundo on El Pres is accuracy - my reloads and draws got good enough for sub-5 runs. In this video made for r/CCW (still trying to get CCW community to shoot USPSA ) - I explain my technique. Hope it helps someone here as well. Next video is probably going to be either about my full technique for El Pres, or fitness/conditioning I
  4. OK, I've built that damn timer I wanted: It's free and works on Mobile/PC, http://timer.dryfire.ninja You can add it to Home Screen and it's almost like an app. Let me know if you have any issues/suggestions. If it doesn't work - please include Browser / OS version
  5. @MemHeli You can order them on https://dryfirestickers.com or use virtual stage on http://dryfire.ninja
  6. Someone in r/CCW was having issues with their grip & recoil control so I made this video to help people, who may have more issues with that, than me currently. I've actually had only 2 live fire practice sessions, that focused on the grip and allowed me to improve the recoil control. So if anything is incredibly stupid in this vid - I would be glad to eat dirt and listen to your advice (don't be fooled by the tone of the video, I only look like a douche, I can listen, I promise, plz bb =) ) Ammo used in live fire is 180gr 1020fps Winchester LEO .40 s&w "purple brass" Handgun:
  7. Looks like I cant edit OP here, few small updates on the dryfire.ninja: 1) Swingers (pause/play/FF buttons on the left 2) Random appearing mode - http://dryfire.ninja/#ninja What is minimal set of features you need in iOS dry fire timer? I've stopped using a time in dry fire for a moment and it doesn't appear to ruin it much, so dryfire timer wouldn't be a priority, but I will make it sooner or later.
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm Stepan from Salt Lake, UT (Richmond, CA previously) - Limited B, USPSA RO, shooting mainly from appendix holster, cheers if we shot together before! I've been thinking about building Dry Fire Timer for iOS for a while, and making other stuff (IT related) that could help people progress. Most useful thing that so far came out of it was dryfire.ninja - this is simple static JS website, that allows you to build a dryfire stage on your PC/Mac/iPhone/Android/whatever and practice. It's basically a few files sitting on S3 and there are no plans to m
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