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  1. Some very nice set-ups, thanks much for sharing. Like the changes too regarding the triggers!
  2. Appreciate all the advice folks, have learned about several different ways to go. I'll keep the post updated once I decide, and share a pic of the set-up! Cheers! Safe shooting to all!
  3. Thanks all! Common theme from your advice is leaning towards the M&P, 9 over .40SW. Slide already cut, used to the ergonomics of the M&P series, lots of aftermarket goodies available... Throw a monkey wrench in the thoughts/research, anyone shooting the Sig X-Five? Have heard good things about that platform as well! Too many options...decisions!!
  4. From the research I've done, totally agree! Not a lot of aftermarket available for the FN! Thanks much!
  5. Good day all - Being a decent shooter in Production and Limited 10 Divisions, I've recently ventured into the Carry Optics Division...sort of. I had a Trijicon RM07 (6.5 MOA) fall into my lap (good deal), so picked it up. No pistol to put it on yet, so backwards to start off (maybe?). Thoughts on a pistol to mount the optic on are: FNS-9L - would have to mill the slide, get the mount plate, etc...Top half of the FNS slide isn't as wide as the RMR, so may be "funny looking" and odd to shoot (don't know). Unsure if the FN slide can even be milled, based on how it's made and the internals of the slide... M&P 40L CORE version - Like it, regularly shoot the M&P 40 Pro Series (4.25" barrel) in Prod/L10 divisions, have the mags and set-up (unless different holster is needed due to the 5" barrel of the CORE version. M&P 9 CORE - minor PF only (so far), new to me 9mm vice the .40SW for USPSA, would require all new set-up and extra mags, etc. Anything else... Looking for advice from the experienced CO shooters and anyone else's thoughts on it, as am not set one way or another. And have time to decide, not in a huge rush to run out and get something "tomorrow". Thanks in advance all! Cheers!
  6. Thanks again thormx! I've been collecting the brass for a couple years now, as have a local department that I work with. Agree with you that the world loves it's 45ACP (have several items in this caliber as well and love them!)
  7. Thanks 57K, appreciate the tip! Will look into the REDDING dies for sure!
  8. Thanks thormx538! I'm using a Dillon 550, and the Dillon dies for other calibers that I'm loading. Do appreciate the info sir! Cheers -
  9. Good day all - Looking to pick up a set of 45 dies, to load both ACP and GAP rounds. With the 45GAP being shot out of a Glock 37, concerned about the "Glock Bulge", and getting one set of dies that will be best for both specific calibers. Have had some issues with reusing Glock fired cases when reloading .40SW, roughly 1 out of 10 cases not falling right in the EGW Chamber Checker I use, so would like to minimize the number or "do-overs". Thoughts/suggestions on a particular brand that has worked best for you? Thanks much! Cheers - Tim
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