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    Customized trubor

    I asked Gans about a racker when we were talking about slide cuts. He said there wasn't enough metal left to safely mount a racker, I didn't argue. He re-blued the slide while he had it. I cannot say enough good about Gans, he was wonderful to work with and his turn around time was amazing. I mailed the slide and barrel to him on monday morning, it got to him on wednesday. It showed up back on my door step on saturday, I put the gun back together and was testing loads on sunday.
  2. sethl

    Customized trubor

    I really like my trubor. I did get some jams out of the box. I installed an aftec extractor and did some tuning on the ejector and it runs great. I also use a delta point on a cheely mount. 8.8gn of 3n38 is a FULL case. Honestly its a pain to load, really gotta slow down with the press so powder doesn't spill everywhere when it indexes. It's for sure a compressed load, I load at 1.17. I have 3 MBX's, 2 170's and a 140. I had to play with the feed lips on 1 of the 170's I was getting occasional ftf. The other 2 mags run great.
  3. sethl

    Customized trubor

    Yea I'm 9mm. I like aa7 also, along with 3n38. 9.6 gr of aa7, and 8.8 gr of 3n38 are my favorites. I'm using 124 pd jhp's. Ive experimented with 115's but wasn't a fan of the hit in the hand they had. Im really glad I added the popples, like you I went back and forth on whether to add them or not, finally I got tired of thinking about it and decided to just do it lol. In my opinion they flattened the gun out a good bit and it still shoots soft, which is something i was concerned about. As always YMMV but thats my .02
  4. sethl

    Customized trubor

    . Gans lightened slide and 2 popples . In my opinion the popples made the gun shoot flatter, I lost around 40fps with them. Cant say enough good about Gans, Im interested in how you like you evo grip when you get it.
  5. Ive been following this thread for a while, decided I had to try a slow mo video of my own and post it. 9mm trubor, lightened slide and 2 3/16 barrel ports, 124 gr jhp from precision delta and 8.8 grains of 3n38.
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