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  1. Yes I had the same happen to me with a svi guiderod. I couldn’t even cycle the slide by hand. You need to take some material off of the diameter of the guiderod head. Its probably just a little to tight of a fit in your frame, if it can’t float a little in the rear it will cause it the front of the rod to bind in the reverse plug. Hope this helps.
  2. I agree with the extractor tension it seemed like mine got worse with time. I just wanted the best so I got a aftec.
  3. I was having the same problems with mine after about 1k rounds. Went with a aftec extractor and cheely setback mount because I was getting fed up. Runs great now plus I like the lower sight picture. It will run Remington umc 115gr with a 8 or 7 pound spring. Major loads I'm using are 124 pd hp @ 1.165" 8.1 gr hs6
  4. Hey guys, I have a Glock 19 that I use for home defense and range use that has a kkm barrel and one of their 2 port comps on it. I was thinking of drilling some popple holes in the barrel, but was wondering would it even be worth it since the barrel is so short and I have a front sight? I plan on reloading for this gun and using hot loads for gas to work the comp 115 or 124 gr hs6 powder. I have seen enough videos on YouTube of people using this setup with factory ammo and find it quite ridiculous. Why add the comp if your going to use factory ammo? What is the typical hole size for 9mm and how many? Does anyone think this will be worth the effort or will it have little to no effect since the barrel is so short? Don't need to make any power factor just want it to be ridiculously flat!
  5. Stock or aftermarket guide rod? Had mine do this with a infinity guiderod the head was a little to large and caused it to bind.
  6. What issues are you having? I just built up 3 new sti tubes with grams guts and dawson pads and have yet to shoot. Wish i would have known this. Lol My issue is early lock back with this situation. I did try a Grams kit in one of my 40 mags and it slipped right out of the feed lips....
  7. Thanks guys! I live in lake Nona area currently, looking to buy a home towards the coast though. I have heard of cfrpc but the lengthy process and some bad reviews kind of turned me away.
  8. Does anybody know of a range within a hour of Orlando that you can shoot rapid fire and draw from a holster? I'm new to the area, work at Mco airport and all I can find is indoor ranges that only allow 1 shot per second and they are full of thugs or people taking girls out on dates. Even had one place tell me I couldn't shoot my open gun in a rifle bay! Drove all the way there went through their song and dance for about 20 minutes and they tell me the only way you can shoot that is if it had a stock. Wanted to shoot 25 yards for my zero. Oh and you couldn't conceal carry there either, that was a nice touch carrying 5k in firearms into a place where it felt like you could get rolled in the parking lot!
  9. No sorry, it would be hard to tell a difference I don't have one to compare it to, but I just took the gun apart and looked at it. You basically want the head to be the same size as a Wilson shock buff no larger. Also the back circular portion that protrudes into the frame that has the slot for the barrel link needs made a smaller diameter too. On my gun it had no clearance there and I could hear it snap into the frame on assembly.
  10. Well sv 's are a lot bigger than the head of the recoil master. I removed a decent amount from the bottom portion of the head and also the raised circular part in the rear. Works like a charm now. It must have been such a tight fit that it would not let the guiderod float at all and cursed it to bind on the reverse plug. Hope this will help someone out one day.
  11. Well I found out last night it's definitely from the guiderod to reverse plug clearance. I could see and feel a score mark in the top half of the guide rod where it was jamming. I cleaned that up and took some off the rod head too. Waiting for my svi reverse plug.
  12. Thanks man this is very helpful!
  13. Well found out today it doesn't. For some reason the slide is short stroking and jamming in the rear position. I'm guessing from all the play between the rod and plug that the rod is cocking and binding. We will see when I get the new plug. Why does everything have to be so difficult. Lol
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