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  1. Thanks, I appreciate it. Just would much rather be outside and not next to someone who does not have a clue.
  2. Are there any private gun clubs with outdoor ranges around Foley, Alabama? Just mive there about a month ago and need to shoot. Really do not want a public range or indoor.
  3. Sounds great. Anyone know of any systems administrator, network engineer jobs open in the area? Have Microsoft Certs. coming out my ... Well you all know what I mean.
  4. Thanks for the info guys. Sounds like Alabama is more like my home state, Missouri. Moved to the dreaded Illinois 20 years ago for a woman with the understanding we would move south after the kids were through school. The time is here.
  5. Great. My wife is doing a phone interview for a job down there today. Then she would go and I would have to stay behind and sell the house in Illinois first
  6. Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the info. Guess from reading the first thing to do is get my concealed carry so I can transport my guns.
  7. Will be moving from Illinois to Alabama in the next few months. Will be in the Daphne area. Any good uspsa and ppc matches in the area?
  8. Older strayer 2011 frame which is .45cal right now. Can I change out the entire top end and add mags and go shooting if the slide fits?
  9. Bladetech seems like the most commonly used. Anyone use leather anymore?
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