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  1. Range report. Extended firing pin has solved all the problems. I Even tried some hot loads that are over PF and no flow or sheer/choping at all. Thank you all for your help
  2. So i mesured the lands depth like you would on a rifle with a overall length gauge and the round measures in at 1.3458" with a round nose projectile. Below is a sammi drawing, to me it looks as if im in the clear with that short chamber issue. Thoughts? Did i miss something?
  3. Too bad extended FPs dont exist in the early caspian size
  4. Im totally afraid that this could be the issue. So how does one go about measuring this? Obviously a chamber reamer can fix this if that is indeed the problem, except my barrel was just TiN coated so cutting through that will be a challenge.
  5. Ill try some rifle primers. Ill try new fp spring The fp i have in it now fits perfect.
  6. The marks that you see are actually not from the extractor but an area on the breech face that is raised The primer flow is not from pressure as im barely making 1325fps. This issue is from something else as the primers looks normal when fired out of a differnt gun
  7. Cci small pistol primers. Autocomp around 7gr barely making major PF Standard egw length caspian fp. Its the only one on the market.
  8. I've been chasing my tail for a while with my 38 super Caspian thinking over pressure was causing chop but that's not the issue. One of my friends has fired my rounds with his STI and they look completely normal confirming it is indeed something with my pistol. To give you a run down of how it first started I was having issues with primer chop jamming up the firing pin with slivers of primer, refer to the picture of three casings and notice the chopped primers on them. Reading an EGW article on firing pins about primer flow/chop I discovered that early Caspian's used an odd sized pin, so upon measurement of the firing pin and comparing it to the frames hole, it was under sized by .011" and discovered that i have an early slide. I ordered a new pin and headed to the range. So that fixed the heavy chopping of the primer face issue. But I'm still getting quite a bit of primer flow into the pin channel and a tiny tiny amount of chop. Check out the second pictures. Reading some articles some say the chamfer on the breach face could be too heavy and its giving the primer an area to funnel into, well my breach face has a chamfer but not deep enough to be the issue as its barely even a noticeable chamfer. Also I've stumbled across some posts elsewhere that talk about having too light of an ignition train. Well I am running a titanium strut and titanium mainspring cap top with a 17# main spring, could this be the issue? Hopefully some one on here has dealt with this issue, and has some pointers.... please!!!!!
  9. The tooth is removable according to Saul on both
  10. BMaus, thats only if you have a tight one to start. My trigger guard is skinny the other way But no worries gang, Saul has emailed me and told me that i can get a tighter fitting "tooth" just by asking. And from there i will have to machine to fit
  11. Common sense is lacking in the atf world if you haven't already noticed
  12. Now it all makes sence.. btw that picture is from a Guns America newsletter.
  13. Any particular reason for not being able to cheek it?
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