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  1. Update: Looks like after about 300k rounds and a couple of polishings my DAA exspander was worn out. Ordered a new one and it is working as it did originally. The new one is dimensionally different. The funnel mod pic is what clued me in to check and see what a new DAA funnel looked like compared to mine. Thanks for the help.
  2. I will try modifying the funnel as pictured. Thanks for the help.
  3. I am having issues with the powder funnel popping when running a 1050 on an ammobot. I am lubing cases and that helps, but the popping is sometimes very violent. I have reduced flare on case mouth to as minimal as possible and seemes to make no difference.
  4. J1mc

    Romeo 3max

    Thanks for the information. I will get items ordered.
  5. J1mc

    Romeo 3max

    Anyone using a sig romeo3 max on glock mos? Looking for advice and what mount is needed. Thanks
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