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  1. WSR for me. I like CCI 500’s, but not the price.
  2. What is the difference in weight between the two frames?
  3. This is a great trigger! I love mine and haven’t had an issue since installing it 2 years ago in my pro.
  4. I believe in having a fundamental goal to master not a round count to achieve.
  5. Pucker factor is an awesome suggestion. Thanks!
  6. I second the speed ladder for agility training.
  7. Use your back and chest muscles to support your arms. Don’t rely solely on your arms to hold your gun. This will make your transition faster also.
  8. Amino energy or Branch Chain Aminos are good energy sources. Plus they will help preserve your protein so your muscles don’t fatigue as quickly.
  9. Just eat whole foods and watch your calories. A diet is temporary that’s how nutritionist continue to make money. You must start something you are prepared to do forever. Your body needs carbs to create energy just watch sugars and processed foods.
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