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  1. Hey guys. Haven’t been able to find much of recent on this Ammo. So figure try a new topic. Anyone try the wolf gold 223 75 gn HPBT? I am looking to run something a lil heavier and found a good deal on a case. I am running a 16” barrel rifle length gas system. 1:8 Thanks in advance and sorry if this has been covered. My search skills suck ass
  2. I use the safariland ones, I like em. But got em in a deal and just rather use my monies elsewhere for now. But the limcat s look fly
  3. Damn. Thanks for the info. I will look into all This man.
  4. My 2011 ejector is getting dinged up. It’s about 1/4 way down on top right side. The slide is also getting dinged up a lil. Factory is saying the ejector is from hammer. And slide from mags. After only about 4k rounds I find it hard the slide is so chewed already. And without dry firing the gun without a slide. I find it impossible to have these markings from the hammer. I have been getting light strikes occasionally. Gun will then get malfs such as double feed and stove pipes when I clear it. Not sure if connected issues or not but hoping it is from that previous stated issues.
  5. Thanks! That oal feeds reliably? I’ve been told to be around 1.185 for reliable feeding.
  6. My dvc .40 is ready to pick up from the gun smith haven’t shot it in a year or two due to ftf issues looking to work up a load using a 200 gn bullet and cfe powder, any advice on a starting point?
  7. Kidd2 so u would be looking over the optic when you dry fire?
  8. Probably should sell it too a buddy who’s “pcc curious” for a smoking deal
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