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  1. This is exactly what I'm hoping to do to mine. Just need to get time. I'd love to get an insert that simulates the exact dimensions of the grip on my CK Arms 2011.
  2. After a long layoff from competitive shooting due to adding 3 kids to the family I'm working my way back into shooting by going in to Steel Challenge and then back into USPSA. I like to do a combination of dry fire and airsoft. I'm pretty lucky that I found a 2011 style airsoft that matches the grip dimensions of my CK arms pretty closely and fits in my holster. I find that with dryfire draw practice it's easy to cheat and say you hit the target. With an airsoft and a small target it's much easier to identify when you aren't picking up the target correctly. I go back and forth
  3. N320 has always metered awesome for me on my 650. Actually it's the best metering powder I've used. I did start to notice that my variation had increased and when I started checking I found that the powder had started galling out the plastic Arredondo (sp) powder bar. Once I went back to the metal Dillon bar my drops went back to near perfect precision. I will concur with the others that have posted.... If N320 and Titegroup are the same price and availability... I pick N320 every single time. Cleaner, burns cooler, meters better, and more forgiving.
  4. I typically clean with breakfree clp. Then once I wipe everything off I lubricate with WeaponShield. I have no idea if it's the "best" but it's never failed me in any of my guns so I have no desire to change.
  5. I just couldn't get over how crisp the trigger on my original two PPQ's are and how mushy my SF trigger is. I finally decided to yank the firing mechanism (left the trigger and trigger bar) out of my 4" PPQ and stuck it into my SF. Night and day difference! Now I'm back to the light trigger with no creep that I love from my other PPQ's. I can't seem to find my trigger pull gauge, but it feels about like my P320 with Gray Guns trigger, but once you hit the wall on the SF the break is extremely crisp with no creep at all. For some reason I did have some interference between the slide and
  6. Is there a difference in the trigger parts for the 5" PPQ and the Q5 SF? Ran up on the SF a few weeks ago and bought it on sight, but I've had some health issues that have stopped me from shooting it more than once. I believe I will like the SF better once I figure out a smaller grip option. Right now the grip panel is a little too big for me. My main issue is that I'm completely disappointed in the trigger on the SF vs the trigger on my early 5" PPQ. My PPQ has one of the original Springco trigger return springs (before there was a 2 spring kit) that reduces pull to right at 3 lbs. O
  7. The fact is that to say YES to something then you must necessarily say NO to something else. If someone isn't naturally competitive.. then they probably aren't willing to say no to the other things they enjoy to say yes to competitive shooting. I love competing and I love shooting USPSA, but I don't get to do it as often as I want. I went from zero to three kids, which means that when I go shoot a match... I'm leaving my wife home to take care of 3 kids under 5. There WILL be consequences when I get home.. .even if she doesn't really intend it. I'm still fairly new to USPSA, so I don't r
  8. Make sure you take into account forum memberships and other available discounts as well if you order. I know that Blue Bullets gives an enos forums discount. To me.... All of the Hytek Coated bullets are pretty much the same and seem to be pretty interchangeable as far as accuracy goes. For some reason I always get just a little more accuracy out of the Blue Bullets, even though I want to like the others better, since the Blue's do leave a little blue residue on your fingers. Most of the others like SNS, ACME, and Bayou use the same Hytek coating. I would be happy to use an
  9. I'm shooting a 5.5" CK Arms and using 180 Gr. Blue Bullets loaded to 1.185". 14 shots at 4.6 grains got me an Avg PF of 168, Low of 162, and High of 172. I bumped up to 4.7 for local competitions, but haven't had a chance to run those over a chrono. If you haven't tried out any of the coated lead bullets from Blue Bullet, SNS, ACME, Black Bullets, LBJEHEADS, Bayou, etc... then I think you are missing out on an economical and accurate option that also requires less powder to get to power factor.
  10. Yes... this is correct, and I understood that before I posted. However, this is also a sticky. Therefore, it would make sense to either fix it or un-sticky it.
  11. Links seem to be broken. They just point to the general forum list now.
  12. Congrats! (yes... I need more posts!)
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