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  1. Indeed, many interpretations to the Rules. I have witnessed a few who got DQ'd for holstering a loaded gun with the safety lever not activated, and who could rightly argue using your logic that the shooter was still not done with the Make Ready command. The moment you take your hand off from loaded holstered firearm, in my opinion would be the end of the Make Ready action. This is totally different from the creeping. in which the prior command is Stand By. Maybe you have tried in a big match and not get DQ'd,... Drawing a holstered loaded gun after the Make Ready( assuming there was a moment you took your hand off the gun) but before the Are you Ready/Standby commands.
  2. Sir, you might have missed it.... the gun was already loaded and holstered. The shooter took again a sight picture when the score keeper issue was cleared. Remember that the RO did not make the shooter ULSC command, so he was past the Make ready phase. and awaiting for the Are you ready and. Stand by commands.
  3. My question now would be: 1. Are Classic and Metric Paper Targets subject to different rules as to presentation? 2. Would inverting the paper target be a violation of the 45 degree from vertical rule? Angles can go backwards, forward or sideways. Just a point of clarification.
  4. Surprised to see .... Stage 4.... completely inverted targets. Are they legal?
  5. Larus

    Raw Points

    Just my 2 cents.... Raw Score is the sum of all hits scored before you apply penalties.
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