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  1. Like most people I had issues with 200gr swc in my glock .45’s. I found if I took the OAL as long as would fit in the mag I could get them to run pretty decent.
  2. Gen4 34mos 13lbs spring. 147 moly at 900fps. Very tight grip. DPP lots of issues with empty’s hitting glass. Like every 5 shots. Installed gen5 ejector and extractor. Runs perfect now.
  3. I had my first squid out of 30k rounds last month. I had left my Ammo can open when it started raining as I was cleaning up, the next time at the range I was having a ton (5%) of primers that wouldn’t fire (147gr bear creek moly 3.0 gr TG win primers). Sure enough I had one primer that barely touched off and left the Bullet in the bore. Luckily I was just training at the range. The funny thing was that I don’t think my ammo got that wet, there was no water in the bottom of my Ammo can. But obviously it was enough to cause issues.
  4. The gun needs more time to loosen up, or go to a lighter rsa. Or your getting a moment of loose grip (which obviously is not a issue with your more broken in gun). as others have said the slide is not coming back far enough or long enough. I have a g35 converted to 9mm and g34 both running 13lbs rsa that run like sowing machines. My buddy brought his brand new 34 and it was choking on my load. A few thousand rounds later and I lighter spring and it’s running fine.
  5. I guess I’m going to go against the grain. I’m running the 7.5 moa triangle. I love it. I’d shoot some of the small dot stuff and always had problems. One of my shooting buddy’s tried mine out and the next day swapped out his rmr 3.5 for the dpp 7.5
  6. My last practice session was interrupted by a pretty steady medium rain. Normally I would just quit but I was interested how my g34 with ddp would hold up so I continued for another hour or so. The wet optic was slightly distracting when I’d first come out of the holster, but once I was shooting I seemed to shoot fine. Maybe 90% or more of normal.
  7. I’ve shot tens of thousands of .40 through my g20 with a LW conversion barrel. The only rounds that ever needed to be run kind of long to feed where lead SWC, every thing else ran perfect at standard .40 type OAl. I also typically ran a 13lbs RSA on a steel rod. I really love the larger grip
  8. Quick update. I installed the gen 5 ejector in my gun. I saw an immediate improvement. In 66 rounds it only hit the sight twice. I then swapped in a gen5 extractor, I then proceeded to shoot 200 rounds without a single piece of brass hitting the sight. I could tell the gen5 extractor them the empty’s with a little more authority. All empty’s went into a nice pile. The only ones that were a little off was the last round on a empty mag.
  9. Great to know. Thanks. If this new ejector doesn’t do it I’ll order one up
  10. I load on two different 650’s. Both of them bounce spent primers out of the catch can (I’m guessing) and make a big mess in my room. I’d say about 5-10% go astray. I’ve tried emptying in more often but doesn’t help. What have you guys done ?reloading
  11. I might try the 11lbs spring, but I’ve gotten away running the stock striker spring. I’m pretty sure I’d have to drop that.
  12. Good to know I’m not the only one. I ordered the new gen5/19x trigger housing and gen 5 extractor (I’m not sure if the extractor is different). I’ll let you know if it helps. I do think part of my problem is the light loads. My g20 with the same dot slings to brass and I have no issues
  13. I’m running leupold ddp, 13lbs spring on steel rod, 147gr bear creek moly with 3gr tg. 90-95% of my empty’s are hitting the front of my optic when the slide come forward. It throw the empty’s about 6-8’ straight forward. The glass hasn’t scratched yet but the aluminum part is looking beat up. My main issue is the lens get real dirty quick and I’m sure it will scratch the glass sooner for later. Anyone else have this issue? Where you able to fix it? I have a very tight and solid grip so that’s no the issue. My load runs about 900fps in my gun.
  14. Haha. One guy on my squad layed down so much smoke no one could shoot for 4-5 min. Made the stage look pretty cool
  15. My local club started a monthly outdoor night match. My normal day load 147gr bear creek moly and 3gr TG while normally not very smoky durning the day, seemed pretty smoky at night with a light mounted. I'm looking to work up a dedicated "night" load. I'm going to try 147gr xtreeme HP's, but I'm not sure on the powder. Any help would be nice. Shooting in a g34
  16. If the trigger kit came with a lighter striker spring I'd put the stock one back in.
  17. I've been running grip tape on my match gun ( g35) love the grippy feeling but I'm getting tired of it falling off or coming loose. dont need a grip reduction. Just a good aggressive grip
  18. We'll 3.0gr TG are pushing a 147gr bear creek moly at 900fps from my g35 with a lw conversion barrel. It won't run anything lighter reliably even with my 13lbs rsa.
  19. I've ran a fair amount of 155swc bear creeks through my g23. I've since moved to 180gr tc. I found almost any load ran in my 23, but in my g20 40 conversion I need to run as long as would fit in my 23 mag to feed right ( same load for both guns)
  20. In my 10mm glock I will load my practice Ammo to the same PF as my carry Ammo. All I'm trying to replicate is the feel
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