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  1. Agreed that Ikea table looks sketchy for what you're talking about. Smallest and lightest thing I've put a press on (Dillon xl650 w. case feeder/Inline Fab. QD mount) is one of these https://www.lowes.com/pd/Kobalt-45-in-W-x-36-in-H-2-Drawer-Hardwood-Work-Bench/1000372217 Not too much of a footprint difference if I'm reading the Ikea table dimensions right. Home reloading doesn't have to be filthy with heavy fumes; but expect to be working with and cleaning up stuff like grease, oil, case lube spray, tiny bits of brass, powder grains, bullet coating material and lead (depending on what types of bullets you load), etc. getting on the press and bench.
  2. +1 for them. Also have bought in recent years from elitereloading.com. Elite's prices can be higher than other, but I've been pleased with the consistently low % of crimped, crap, or other cals in their mixes.
  3. Sorry don't have any pics. 5 gal buckets from Lowes or Home Depot for dirty. Clean in bigass ziplock bags. Those cheap locking lid bins are a great idea. One of these days I'll tear a bag, brass will roll under shelves while I cuss a lot, and I'll go buy them.
  4. Are you me? Same exact story and final setup. That MBF funnel is the shizzle.
  5. RIP Mr. Dillon, and my condolences to those that knew him. A very innovative and interesting man who left a good legacy.
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