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  1. are you able to get these with prescription lenses? I have a face hard to fit glasses to as well and am in need of some with prescription lenses and have been struggling finding some that I like. Any recommendations?I guess a late post is better than never. I got the anti glare prescription impact2 lenses that transition from clear to black. I have tried every oakley and smith frame i could get my hands on and gave up trying to find glasses to fit. I've worn contacts for the last year and absolutely hate them. Saw a thread on here about rudy project and still cant believe I found glasses to fit. Should have them next week and time will tell if I made the right choice with lense color. If not, i'll just buy the red also.Kev I still haven't ordered mine yet, a little tight on funding with family vacation coming up and just getting involved/geared up for shooting sports. Would love to be able to make sure they fit my face before purchasing a pair but will likely order anyways. Let me know how the transition lenses work out for ya if you don't mind.
  2. I helped a friend find a jogger stroller on craigslist and strip it down to make one very similar to this. Much cheaper than buying a dedicated 3 gun cart. I'm looking for a jogger myself now... Hopefully a cheap one will pop up on craigslist soon
  3. That one does look very nice, and the price is on the lower end of the range I've seen. Thanks! I'm in the process of building a plate rack now, and will look closer at these when that's done.
  4. I'm using a Hiperfire 24C trigger. Depends on your definition of "break the bank"
  5. Yeah, I'm starting to lean that way. Swinger over star. But the information on the targets is still nice to have. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the heads up, already have the lower but will definitely give it a fit check. I've mostly been using Lancer pmags.
  7. That's an issue I struggle with if I try to push the shot. When I'm trying to shoot fast I'm everywhere. I need more practice and more patience. Hope ya have a speedy recovery.
  8. Oh, it'll be used. The comment about them being out of business came as a surprise since they're now Rhino Arms. Knew about Loki, wasn't sure about AP Customs
  9. Already have the AP customs handguard. Got a good deal on it. Have emailed Rhino Arms to see if they'll honor the warantee.
  10. I went with the Ghost 360. Sturdy and allow for a variety of positions. Great value for the price point. They cost less than the race master knockoffs, and I haven't had any complaints about them.
  11. Ordered mine from BBI, guess I should have asked here beforehand. Anyone know of a discount code for them?
  12. I'm building my first AR and hope to use in competition. I'd appreciate any recommendations or feedback anyone may have. Components - Loki 18" double fluted barrel 15" AP customs slotted carbon fiber handguard Magpul STR Lower Build KiT PSA AR15 .223/5.56 Nitride/QPQ BCG Anderson upper/lower receivers Hiperfire 24C trigger Vortex Strike Eagle scope w/ primary arms mount SJC Titan comp
  13. My thoughts exactly. Nice to see see someone in the film industry that isn't trying to push a liberal agenda with all their publicity. It really looked fun.
  14. are you able to get these with prescription lenses? I have a face hard to fit glasses to as well and am in need of some with prescription lenses and have been struggling finding some that I like. Any recommendations? I would highly suggest the Rydon with their FreeForm TEK prescription lenses, much better than the inserts; a bit pricey but well worth it. Get your prescription and order here http://bit.ly/rudy-gen1 for a great discount. Thanks! I'm going to check those out
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