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  1. I just let the peanut gallery deal with watching the fat guy pick up the live ammo. I catch much less grief than appearing to showboat with my mediocre skill level
  2. Patches nor any other aid ever worked for me. Chantix worked like a charm. And I know whatcha mean about the social aspect and smell. Wife gives me the stink eye every time I start to walk outside. Or any time I mention spending money. Or every time I breathe... ? Starting back on Chantix tomorrow and hoping to have similar results as last time. Then it's gym membership time. Gotta get faster when moving and have better control of my breathing. And think of all the $ we'll free up for shooting. Good luck again, with the smoking and the current funk. Sorry for hijacking the thread.
  3. Good luck quitting, I quit for 4 years and got sucked back in... Chantix worked for me but it's not for everyone. Just started back on it. Haven't shot a match yet but I'm thinking better physical condition and healthier lungs would help with this sport as it would with any other. And each time I stop to buy a pack I look at the receipt, sigh and say "that coulda gone to powder..."
  4. Gave up golf. Selling the clubs paid for a SJC Titan comp, belt, mag pouches and FO sights. Just now getting in on reloading, there's a free public range I frequent with buckets in hand. Never thought to grab the .22 brass. Think a broom and dust pan and just sweeping it all up to sort, tumble and sell or scrap would be a good idea. Home made target stand and paper plates.
  5. Had an eye opener at the range with my buddy yesterday. Had never thought of grip enhancers other than stipple or grip tape. He whips out a bottle of liquid grip and squirts some in his hand while I'm reloading mags. Comes up beside me and says "great job loading those mags! High five!" And smears the goop on my hands. Then proceeds to flap around behind the shooting line like a pterodactyl. I proceed to mimic him while the locals at the range give us odd looks. He says "now pick up your gun." And wow... The feel of the grip was incredible. Ordered 2 bottles when I got home. Great stuff.
  6. Well right, time spent practicing speed.
  7. Wow.. Now I'm even more nervous for my first match. Looked fun though. I know I'll be slower, but speed comes with time right?
  8. I'm fully expect a healthy dose of trash talk in my upcoming foray into the sport. My training buddy is a marine and can lay it on pretty thick. He's good enough to back it up though. But anything coming from him is generally good natured and in fun. Haven't had to deal with a real jerk yet.
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