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  1. I ve had both the JMpro and now a M3K for practical shotgun and multigun comps. Both have had major reliability issues with the M3K being very poor. If you can stretch your budget go with a 1301 or M2.
  2. Seems i got a terminal case of Benelli click. With the gun loading next round but not firing from what i believe to be the gun failing to lock up in battery. 6 out of 8 stages blown in comp on Sunday. Any ideas?
  3. Cheers stick. It seems I had not correctly installed my Teran. T replacement C clip. This kinda stretched the clip so when I reinstalled it didn't hold the pin. Luckily they came in a pack of five.lol
  4. Hi Kurtm I saw you posted that the loading problem was "caused by the fly cut on the bottom of the bolt carrier being improperly cut causing the lifter not to depress enough causing the single shells to bind." This sounds exactly what is wrong with mine. Is there any chance you could walk me through remedial action on the bolt carrier or bottom of the lifter to give the clearence for the cartridge. Cheers from Sweden.
  5. Anyone had issues with the trigger unit retaining pin falling out with normal use. Any fixes apart from duct tape!!
  6. Hi Sloanslade. Any chance you could posts pics of exact area you sanded and polished to allow bolt to drop into battery. cheers
  7. Sadly not so simple as i'm in Sweden. Awaiting delivery of Benelli extractor and spring. Plus will polish the key areas suggested for "Benelli click". Has anyone else had trouble loading as I had?
  8. Hi everyone i got a Stoeger M3K after finally given up on a very unreliable Mossy JmPro. Sadly the legendary reliability was missing on my new gun. Just trying to load one round met with such crazy resistance that double never mind quad loading was impossible. A quick read on the web pointed to shell latch profile and its springs. Shaping polishing and trimming did nothing. I found that the shell lifter wasn't giving enough relief for the cartridge and so it would hang up on the plastic/brass junction of cartridge never mind the rim. The only fix I could see was to dremel the half moon shaped underside of the lifter to give more room for the shell, Which improved things. I've read back to page 90 but found no one else having this issue although a short clip was posted on You tube showing this problem. On top of this ive had the Benelli click issue. I've run in the gun in with 200rd 34g high brass and now have around 750rds through. Any advice greatly received.
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