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  1. Yeti makes some nice stuff. When you want to keep cold things cold they do work well.
  2. Mysteryranch has a kick ass range bag.
  3. I do think it matters, a little extra traction is one less thing to worry about. I like the speed cross but some of those inov8s look great.
  4. Gen 5 is probably the best way to go but in my experience the Gen 3 Glocks were easier to get good (for a glock) triggers out of than the gen 4s. From what it sounds the gen 5s are much better than the gen 4s.
  5. They are legal, ive been using one for years. Just make sure it doesn't protrude out. Mine did slightly, it would take a rules nazis to ding me for it so I sanded it down to fit flush.
  6. That 3m mineral tape for Home Depot works great and goes a hell of a lot further than any of the precut tapes ive tried.
  7. You could reload some rounds to try to knock it down for her. Also adding some weight, tungsten guide rods, brass inserts, weapon light etc.
  8. 11lb or 13lb work great, just gotta pick a company to go with.
  9. rootacres

    Glock 34 Trigger

    Ive just been running a OCC trigger bar with the enhanced shoe, Zev 2lb striker spring w/ a skeleotlized striker and am getting sub 3lbs. A glock trigger will never be 1911/CZ/Tanfo good. just the nature of the beast but you don't have to defeat the double action pull on the first shot. Ive had both and like things about both.
  10. By milling the slide you are married to one optic, or at least on thread design. Ive been running with the MOS platform since day one with a Vortex Venom. So not the most premium of optic and haven't had an issue holding zero.
  11. ISMI 11lb or 13lb. I really cant tell much of a difference between the two. Using 132PF 150gr TBB.
  12. Streamlight or Surefire. . If your going for adding more weight and not neccesarilly the lumen output the TLR-1HL is a great option.
  13. 1st - TTI 2nd - Dawson Both blacked out rear, fiber front.
  14. My Wheaton arms barrel has held up real well.
  15. I guess I have yet to find anyone that feels a G19/G45 has less felt recoil than a G34 and it shows. The G34 is the overwhelming favorite among Glock shooters in Prod and CO. I did state that "it is marginal but there will be a velocity loss" running a shorter barrel. There is no mention of dropping below PF requirements for minor just that "you would be forced to run with a higher charge to make the same PF". A hotter load in a lighter weight gun would have exponentially more felt recoil. Using an aftermarket guide rod and recoil spring could solve your reliability issues.
  16. Same here. If you are having problems with the gun cycling with 23 + 1 maybe take a look at your recoil spring. I use an ISMI 11lb recoil spring and haven't had any issues. I believe Ive also used a 13lb spring with no problems.
  17. I know CO is all scored as minor. It is marginal but there will be a velocity loss running a 4.5" (G19) barrel compared to a 5.3" (G34) barrel. You would be forced to run with a higher charge to make the same PF. Most factory ammo would be fine but for those reloading it would make a difference. A hotter load in a lighter gun would lead to more recoil.
  18. Personally I didn't want the trigger on my Comp gun to be that different from my other glock. So I ended up going with OCC triggers. They fix the trigger tab, have a screw to eliminate pre travel and then have a trigger housing that takes away post travel if you want. All while having the feel and geometry of a factory trigger and I also use the TTI connector.
  19. I did. I think a lot of it is just a level of comfort. I shot a G17/34 for years, then switched to a stock 2. I got rolling pretty good with the S2 then lost a bet forcing me to go back to a G34. I seem to be able to manipulate the G34 faster than the S2. That said, there is no question that the tanfo soaks up more recoil.
  20. I have the Dawson MOS sights and am probably going to pick up the new TTI MOS set. The front post on the TTI is one of the nicest in the business.
  21. Check out HYVE Technologies. Its the most underrated upgrade I've made on my pistols. All my Glocks have HYVE mag releases.
  22. The only potential downside I see is the fact that you'll be loosing velocity with a shorter barrel forcing you to run hotter loads to make PF. The accuracy is so marginal most will never see the benefit. Maybe a G34 sized gun will soak up the recoil slightly more as well. Glocks are inherently on the lighter side for pistols in that class.
  23. I have used both Dawson and TTI. With a blacked out rear and fiber front its the best combo I have found to see/shoot fast. Of the two I like the setup on the TTI slightly more.
  24. I haven't seen one, much less shoot one. I am kicking around the idea of playing in some USPSA single stack this year. Whats everyones feedback on this pistol? What other options would you consider?
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