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  1. the henning front sight. .180 I did the dawson measurement and it advised a .155 site. So whats the proper instal on a dawson sight because i switched from them because they were constantly coming loose.
  2. Please school me on how to fix this. When I zero the gun I start with the sight bottomed out and at 15 yards im literally a foot or more low.
  3. I rack, immediate action etc by the front serrations. the holster is a red hill and doesn't contact the front sight at all.
  4. I'll try and get some during lunch. i went to the henning sight as the dawson refused to stay in place.
  5. Yeah as far as i can tell the sigh will lower during prolonged periods of shooting. Going loctite more vigorously. thanks!
  6. When I zero my Stock 2 the sight is pretty high in the back and after some unfortunate match results I have realized that the rear sight will lower after the gun is shot a bit. Last weekend i experimented with a dab of blue loctite but that didnt hold. Any thoughts or remedies? Are there any adjustable rear sight options for tanfo? Do i just fill the hole with red loctite and immediately zero the gun? (first instinct) This has happened on two separate stock 2's.
  7. Is it .40? Looking at their website i dont see a .40 just 9mm .45 and 10mm. .40 is what you want for limited.
  8. Can anyone give examples of a good ammo box that they fly with?
  9. Also my FFL sent the extra pistol back to them.
  10. Im in Michigan man the pick up cost will kill you. Just find a local ffl and have them send a copy to the Stegger pro shop. All that needs to be done. Sorry I didn't see this earlier. work gets in the way of important things.
  11. Just got one from Stoeger. For some reason they actually sent two to my ffl. So there was at least one more.
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