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  1. nydde


    Any one running the 22422 drill? No idea how its "suppose" to be but I ran it last weekend a few times at 7 yards. Best time 4:18 and 9A 3C
  2. I prefer the stock trigger over the extrem, you need longer reach with the extrem and I like it shorter
  3. I have a smallish kitchen knife in my bag to push the spring out of the way to make it easier
  4. Sweet gun! What rear sight is that? Kind of looks like the Tactical Sport CZ
  5. Sight image 3, both for IPSC and bullseye 25m with a 25m zero, I have a 1mm green fiber and that seems for work for a moron like me, put the dot were i want to hit and shoot. I use it like a RMR.
  6. I have both the xtreme smooth and the OEM, im back to the OEM I like it better for the "shorter" pull.
  7. I have one an ran it for a year, im back to stock tho, I dont like the longer reach
  8. Yea got that part, we have a saying here "misunderstand me correctly"
  9. Roger that! Did not mean to smack the rulebook in your head, was just trying to help
  10. Would not the Henning spring and polish make it IPSC production illegal?
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