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  1. nydde


    Any one running the 22422 drill? No idea how its "suppose" to be but I ran it last weekend a few times at 7 yards. Best time 4:18 and 9A 3C
  2. nydde

    Tanfoglio Limited Parts Questions

    I prefer the stock trigger over the extrem, you need longer reach with the extrem and I like it shorter
  3. I have a smallish kitchen knife in my bag to push the spring out of the way to make it easier
  4. Nah, the new stock 1 uses the old alu sight?
  5. Sweet gun! What rear sight is that? Kind of looks like the Tactical Sport CZ
  6. nydde

    Sight Picture/Alignment

    Sight image 3, both for IPSC and bullseye 25m with a 25m zero, I have a 1mm green fiber and that seems for work for a moron like me, put the dot were i want to hit and shoot. I use it like a RMR.
  7. nydde

    Trigger Shape - OEM Vs Xtreme

    I have both the xtreme smooth and the OEM, im back to the OEM I like it better for the "shorter" pull.
  8. nydde

    Xtreme Trigger.

    I have one an ran it for a year, im back to stock tho, I dont like the longer reach
  9. Yea got that part, we have a saying here "misunderstand me correctly"
  10. nydde

    Stock 2 Essentials

    Roger that! Did not mean to smack the rulebook in your head, was just trying to help
  11. nydde

    Stock 2 Essentials

    Would not the Henning spring and polish make it IPSC production illegal?