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  1. Thanks guys. Searching through the forums I see a bunch of recommendations for both houge and ahrend. Do do you guys prefer finger grooves or no? I’m totally new to revolvers and haven’t handled enough of them to have that figured out for myself. I’m guessing it’s a personal thing. I guess I’ll go ahead and do as someone in an old thread here suggested and get a shoe box, label it “grips” and put it beside the one labeled “holsters”.
  2. While my 5 inch 686 is back at SW for Warrantee work, I’m shopping for accessories. The gun wont be for competition use, but a kind of multi purpose woods/carry gun. The mono grips on it are too sticky for carry (cover garment sticks to it) and the grooves don’t fit my fingers well. I was pretty set on a set of the round but VZ grips, but I see a ton of recommendations for Ahrends grips. I just thought I’d see what you guys think before ordering. I will be shooting a decent amount of magnum ammo, and I have very large hands but kind of stumpy fingers, if that makes a difference. Thanks!
  3. Thanks guys. I decided to just have the PC do a package on it for now while it’s there. I’m not expecting it to be on par with the other fine smiths out there, but hopefully if the Warrantee center doesn’t get my repairs right, the PC will catch it.
  4. Alright guys. I just picked up my first revolver, a pro series 686 plus, 5 inch. This is NOT going to be any kind of a competition gun, but a general purpose carry/woods gun. But when I was shooting uspsa I quickly learned that competitive shooters understand good smiths better than most. It it needs to go back to smith for Warrantee work. There are very bad tooling marks across the tops of the lands. Look like chatter marks. Also there is a very noticeable burr around the crown. I was considering having the performance center do their “master revolver package” while it’s there, but thought I’d see if you guys recommend someone else. I’m looking for reliability, smoothness of the action while retaining the ability to shoot single action, and chamfered cylinders. It’s already cut for moonclips. I’d (of course) also like to find someone with a fairly quick turnaround time. At the moment this is my only handgun and I don’t want to be without it for 6 months. Thanks guys!!
  5. Hi guys. Let me start by saying I'm still new to this...never practiced a reload in my life till about 2 months ago. Now im practicing about 15 min every evening at least. I don't really have any mentors so I'm trying to learn as much as possible from reading and videos. The gun is a bone stock glock 17 (I shoot production). When I do my reload I grip the mag with the tip of my index finger on or just below the bullet tip and bring it to the gun. When it hits the mag well it usually pinches the snot out of the tip of that finger, and when I slam it home about 1 out of 10 pinches the side of my Palm near the base of my thumb pretty badly. At this point it's basically either stay committed to what I think is the propper technique and pinch the fire out of my hand, or (usually) I subconsciously start trying to suck my finger out of harms way too soon, thus losing control of the top of the mag and missing the mag well. What's the deal here? Is this just a practice and timing thing? Some blatant flaw on technique?
  6. More fun than watching golf indeed! And yes, I could have (should have) stuffed pouches the first time back to the barrel. For some reason, once I make a mistake in a match I have a hard time thinking clearly enough to efficiently correct it. Something I have to work on.
  7. Well I shot my 2nd uspsa match this past suday, and made plenty of newbie mistakes. Just thought I'd post for you guys to laugh at. Nothing really technical or any 'learning experiences', just total goofs. First stage was a 'gun unloaded on table, mags on barrels' stage, which I had never done before. My plan was to just take the time to stuff my belt, but when the buzzer sounded, I completely forgot about them. Loaded the gun and took off. This of course resulted in having to back peddle to the barrel for every reload. Needless to say, I was roughly last on that stage! Next stage was pretty straight forward. Just a 'start facing up range, gun loaded and holstered, turn and fire 2 each on 4 targets, move about 10 yards to 2nd box and repeat'. I forgot to reload when moving between arrays. Probably only cost a second or two, but still. 3rd stage went well save for an unneeded 3rd A hit on a swinger. Probably added 1 second or so there, would have sworn I missed the first shot on it. Stages 4 and 5 were actually quite nice. And stage 6 I once again forgot to reload, proceed to shoot a wall trying to shoot through a very small window, didn't double tap one target, double miked another... ugh. Despite all that goodness I still managed to finish 32nd of 64 overall. Next time if I can skip the blatant screw ups, I should be able to finish a little higher in the rankings. Absolutely loving this game!!!
  8. Hi folks! So having been a gun guy most of my life I somehow never managed to get into competitive shooting. However this past Saturday I dropped by my bullet supplier's house for some pistol fodder, and during chitchat he told me a local uspsa Match was happening the following day and welcomed me to come check it out. So i did. It serriously looks like an absolute blast. I want to play! IL be picking up an M&P pro 5" 9mm this Friday (I have other guns but they are kind of never ending projects that are never quite right. Need a good reliable pis to anyway) and am now looking to put together the accompanying gear. So far I believe i'll order: bladetech DOH holster, bladetech mag pouches (single? Double? Other brand?) And a double alpha or cr speed belt, and 5 magazines. I'm mostly looking for recomendations on brands/styles of belt/holster/mag pouch. I know that whatever I can grab from off the shelf at the LGS will do fine for the first several outings, but I just like near gear. Also if it helps I plan to shoot production, and I'm 6'6, 350 lbs.
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