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  1. Hey guys, I know I'm late to this discussion but I had this exact problem just recently. I was one of those guys who got "too cute" with the shell catch. I had to dremel out the grooves (made it a little more flexible) and bend it some just to be able to load it. It otherwise would have required gorilla strength to get shells in - some guns just come like that. It worked perfectly for 2 years but it finally got broke in I guess and this jamming issue started. It even dumped a full magazine (9) of dummy shells onto my thumb as if in auto fire. Bloody mess! Well, anyway, I took it out, put it in the vise and bent it a little and it's working fine again.
  2. Listen Mark, the tube you sent me was defective plain and simple. you just can't admit to making a mistake. Instead, you got an attitude. If you had been willing to send me an exchange tube I'm sure all this could have been easily cleared up. Rather, you wanted to play games by checking if I knew which end to screw in by asking for a picture and weeks of delays. That's insulting. After crummy customer service, a tube that didn't fit and no exchange, I have a right to a full refund - still haven't got it. You advertised a tube that would fit a Stoeger M3000 and it did not fit mine. That IS a warranty issue. I don't care how many you say it fit, or what your thread gauge indicates I'm only concerned with one receiver - mine. +1 for Taccom. His aluminum extension fit my Benelli perfectly and it's super strong. Tim is a great guy, always ready to help and really friendly.
  3. Yeah, thanks, jm, I've been hearing that lately now that I've told people the story.
  4. I bought a new Stoeger M3000 and ordered a one piece tube from Carbon Arms. It didn't fit. It was close but it just wouldn't screw in. I contacted Carbon arms by email as they would not return my phone call. A week later, they asked me to send a picture of the receiver end. I sent pictures and explained again that it didn't fit. Pictures, really? Then silence. I needed something so I got a Nordic extension and went with that. I sent the tube back and asked for a refund. They claimed that there was nothing wrong with it and that it fit their receivers just fine. I really don't like being called stupid or a liar so I consider them a pain in the @rse to deal with. I suppose it's possible that Stoeger may have changed their threads in new receivers. I don't know. What I do know is that it's been a month now and I'm out $150.00 with no refund in sight. Taccom and MOA both make great stuff and I have always been pleased, especially with Taccom.
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